Hell no, he won’t go: Liquid Planet owner, facing foreclosure, chains himself to waterslide

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Kevin Dumont's selfie from the slide tower at Liquid Planet.
Kevin Dumont’s selfie from the slide tower at Liquid Planet.

CANDIA, NH — Kevin Dumont, owner of Liquid Planet, informed fans of the Candia water park on Monday that desperate times called for desperate measures.

He’s not crazy; just $1.6 million in debt.

So, in a “last-ditch” effort to save the park from foreclosure, he chained himself to the top of the 30-foot slide tower.

Aerial view of the park.
Aerial view of the park.

He says he’s looking for a “partner” or someone to help him pay off the $1.6 million he owes the bank on the $3 million loan he took, and save a NH business from failing. Dumont, 46, an Army veteran with a degree in business, opened the park in 2008 with an assist from his parents, “his biggest cheerleaders,” who both died earlier this year, according to the NH Union Leader.

The park is slated for auction on Dec. 2.

Dumont has set up a GoFundMe page to help him get to his goal, of saving the park.

In August, the NH Attorney General’s office issued a restraining order to shut down the park due to bacteria. 

Below is a post from Dumont’s public Facebook page. He says he will remain camped out at the park through Dec. 2.:

Kevin Dumont's foot chained to the 30-foot slide at Liquid Planet.
Kevin Dumont’s foot chained to the 30-foot slide at Liquid Planet.

Hello friends. I am writing to all today to say two things.

1. I am not crazy but I have chained myself to the top of the waterpark slide tower here at Liquid Planet in Candia, NH. I am doing this in a last ditch effort to save all that I have created. The bank has foreclosed on me and is auctioning the property on December 2nd so I am staying up here to try and save it.

2. You all can help immensely by helping to spread the word. Through social media, word of mouth, the press or anything else you can think of. I am not looking for a handout but rather a person, group of people or a company that would partner with me, pay off the bank and save yet another small business from failing. I will be up here 24 hours a day so I will post Info throughout the day.

It’s very beautiful up here but also pretty lonely, please feel free to call or text or even visit, 603 682 5865.

All my love and thanks,

Kevin Dumont

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