Harmony Montgomery case: All-day search at Union Street apartment continues

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Sabrina Martin was a neighbor of Adam and Kayla Montgomery in 2019. Photo/Pat Grossmith

MANCHESTER, NH – Sabrina  Martin, 28, has lived in a first-floor Orange Street apartment building adjacent to 644 Union St. since before Thanksgiving 2019.

She said Adam and Kayla Montgomery moved into the second-floor apartment in December 2019.  They were evicted, she said, in October 2020.


She said at times the children in the neighboring apartment building would play in the back of the building, where on Tuesday initially Hillsborough County deputies were posted and later, Manchester police officers, as FBI agents and police detectives searched the building.

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Kelly Angelides, one of many neighbors, who were drawn to the scene where authorities have been searching June 14. Photo/Pat Grossmith

Martin said she never saw Adam or Kayla physically abuse the children, but they did become “agitated” quite easily with them when they were bad.

Harmony, she said, was not with them which is why when the story broke she was puzzled about their missing child.

Martin said she thought it was a mistake and, ever since, has been following the case closely.

She said barricades were out in front of the Union Street building for three days before investigators set up on site Tuesday morning.  Residents of the entire building were put up in hotels while investigators did their work, according to Martin.

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Workers assisting FBI in searching the sewer in front of the Union Street address that has been the focus of a multi-agency investigation related to the Harmony Montgomery missing person case. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

Later in the day, a public works truck arrived on scene and a manhole cover was removed so the inside could be searched.

Kelly Angelides, her daughter and two grandchildren were among dozens of spectators, many making themselves comfortable on stone walls, at the scene.

She said on a curb where someone had placed candles and a bouquet of pink heart-shaped balloons as a vigil to the missing child.

Angelides said they have been following the case since the beginning as well.  On Tuesday, she watched, she said, as investigators carried out a refrigerator wrapped in what appeared to be garbage bags or black plastic.

“How the hell do they not know a child is missing?” she said.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Attorney General’s Office issued a news release saying the investigators expect to remain on scene into the evening.

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FBI delivers a refrigerator to the apartment building on Union Street where they have been working all day. A neighbor said she observed investigators removing a refrigerator from the building. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

The residents of the area are thanked for their patience as this investigative work continues,” officials said. “In order to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation, officials will not be disclosing what items are being sought and what, if any, evidence is located.  Officials also caution against any speculation related to items being removed.”

The search for Harmony continues and law enforcement is still requesting the public’s assistance in locating her.  If you have any information please call or text the 24-hour tip line dedicated to Harmony Montgomery’s rescue at 603-203-6060.


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