Greg LaRocca: Life after MLB and playing the hand he was dealt

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Caden Jax LaRocca gets a lift from his dad as fans snap photos.
Caden Jax LaRocca gets a lift from his dad, Greg LaRocca, as fans snap photos.


This episode of “Reset: 40 is the New Happy” takes a different road. Meet Bedford’s Greg LaRocca. Instead of jumping to a whole new job line, the former baseball player completely reinvented himself within his sport.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.21.04 PMAfter a short stint in the Major Leagues, he changed it up and played baseball in Japan.

Today he scouts new player talent in this country for the Orrix Buffaloes of Japan.

Click the play button above for more on his journey.

Then, click below to watch LaRocca’s first three-home run game in Japan. (Almost had a fourth!)

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