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Today the Granite State News Collaborative is launching Granite Solutions, a series of multimedia stories that look at the behavioral health crises hitting New Hampshire.

We are a group of news, education and media outlets from all over the state. Our inaugural project focuses on solutions journalism which  means we dig deep into proposed fixes to find out what’s working, what’s not, what the evidence is and who’s accountable when it comes to behavioral health. Our first project has been funded through Solutions Journalism Network.

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We are not promising silver bullets. But, we can promise good, rigorous journalism.

These stories are being distributed by a range of news organizations as contributions to a conversation that’s relevant throughout the state. Further, all of the members in the collaborative are developing them together, each adding a local or thematic dimension to a particular thread of the behavioral health/addiction coverage.

We are launching the collaborative today with a personal story. We didn’t plan that. But it gets at the heart of why we chose the behavioral health crisis as our first project. We’ve all covered this issue. We’ve written the stories and witnessed the aftermath. But in reality, these issues hit us where we live.

We take these crises personally.

We chose this story to let you know that we are not covering strangers. We are covering our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues, our moms and dads and our kids.

That said, going forward, we owe it to all of you– to our readers and our communities– to not just tell you that there is a problem but to do better job at showing you that there may be a way out of this, that there may actually be solutions.

To that end we will present you stories that take a critical look at what Granite Staters — from teens to teachers, from doctors to lawyers, and everyone in between — are doing to try to solve this problem.

There are lights in this darkness. Together, we aim to find them.


The Granite State News Collaborative

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