Governor’s Policy Advisor on addiction placed on administrative leave

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Marty Boldin

CONCORD, NH – On April 26 the state launched an investigation into Marty Boldin, who has been serving since July of 2017 as the Governor’s Policy Advisor for Prevention, Treatment and Recovery. Below is more information on that decision as outlined by Jayne Millerick, the governor’s Chief of Staff:

Late last Thursday (4/26) we were informed by the Attorney General’s office of a potential personnel issue. After assessing the information and following standard protocol for non-classified employees, our office immediately asked the Attorney General’s office to conduct a review. Mr. Boldin was placed on paid administrative leave when the AG’s office began their review and will remain on paid administrative leave until the review is complete.

As Chief of Staff, I oversee the hiring process in the Governor’s office. As an accomplished addictions and social work professional, Marty Boldin came highly recommended from members of the recovery community due to his extensive clinical experience in substance abuse treatment, prevention, intervention, and supervision. He had previously served on the New Hampshire Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery and chaired the Commission’s Recovery Task Force. Marty was a dean’s fellow and is a PhD Candidate at the Boston University School of Social Work.  He had been involved with the development and implementation of several social service initiatives in a variety of multi-disciplinary settings across the United States and has worked in Canada, Russia, and Ireland.

Millerick also addressed the following inquiry: “Has our office received any complaints, informal or formal since he started?”

From Millerick: “I have received one call from a non-profit organization to inform us that she had heard that students on the Governor’s Youth Council may have been being asked to work on Council activities during school hours.  I immediately spoke with Mr. Boldin about this inquiry and it is my understanding that efforts were made to ensure that Council work would not occur during school hours.”

Below is Boldin’s job description as provided by the governor’s office:

Position:  Governor’s Policy Advisor for Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery

  • Provide subject matter expertise and policy advice to the Governor’s office on all matters pertaining to Prevention, Treatment and Recovery;
  • Engage in special projects related to program or initiative development as directed by the Governor;
  • Advise and coordinate the Governor’s agenda with the Executive Director for Addiction and Behavioral Health, the Director of Policy, and the Chief of Staff;
  • Staff events with the Governor as directed by the Governor or his designee;
  • Research special topics as assigned by the Governor or his designee; to keep abreast of trends, research, news, and initiatives that are central to the areas of addiction prevention, treatment and recovery;
  • Communicate and coordinate with other members of the Governor’s Policy Advisor Team in the areas of addiction prevention, treatment and recovery;
  • Provide expert analysis to the Governor and his staff on matters pertaining to program development, implementation, evaluation, and propagation in the areas of addiction prevention, treatment and recovery;
  • Assist in preparing the Governor’s legislative agenda and executing that agenda in the general court as directed by Governor or his designee in the areas of addiction prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • Liaise between the Governor’s office with the recovery community as a means of moving the Governor’s Agenda;
  • Provide writing assistance in support of Governor’s constituent communications in the areas of treatment, prevention and recovery;
  • Observe and report to the Governor or his designee information garnered from the New Hampshire landscape;

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