Governor calls for remote instruction through end of year, and a letter from Commissioner Edelblut

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CONCORD, NH — Following Gov. Chris Sununu’s announcement Thursday that New Hampshire schools will remain under remote instruction through the end of the academic year, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut sent the following letter to all New Hampshire educators.
[Governor Sununu’s letter to NH education leaders is included below.]

Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education Frank Edelblut. Photo/Carol Robidoux

April 16, 2020

Dear New Hampshire Educators,

Thank you for your continued great work on behalf of our New Hampshire students. Our state has won universal praise for our shift to remote instruction, and I could not be prouder of the way in which New Hampshire educators, parents, and students adapted to a new way of learning.
As you know, Gov. Sununu just announced that we will be continuing with remote instruction through the end of the academic year. When we began the shift to remote instruction in March, we knew this would be a difficult task. It turns out this is a marathon, not a sprint. Now that we know we will not be moving back into school buildings this year, it is vital that we run through the finish line.
Knowing they won’t be back in the school building, it will be tempting for some students to think that their summer vacation has started. It’s important that we keep them engaged in their learning. School is still in session.
Because of the tremendous work you’ve already done in response to this unprecedented disruption, I know you are up to the challenge. This public health crisis will pass, and we will get through it together, knowing that New Hampshire educators stepped up for New Hampshire students.
Thank you again for your dedication, past and future. Remember, remote instruction plus remote support equals remote learning for our New Hampshire students.
Keep up the great work. Our kids are counting on you. #nhlearnsremotely
Frank Edelblut

Commissioner of Education

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