Got something to say about the NH Primary? Be heard Jan. 27 at the library

WGBH wants to hear what NH voters have to say.

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Hear at the Library always draws a crowd at Boston Public Library. Let’s see if they can bring the voters out to Manchester Public Library on Jan. 27. File Photo/Meredith Nierman

MANCHESTER, NH  — National politics puts New Hampshire in the spotlight every four years, and on Jan. 27 Manchester will be heard when a crew from Boston’s WGBH sets up at the city library to talk to voters as part of its “Hear at the Library” series. From 10-3 p.m. all New Hampshire voters are welcome to come to the Manchester Cityibrary to share their thoughts and insights about being part of the first-in-the-nation 2020 presidential primary taking place on Tuesday, February 11.

“Hear at the Library” is a monthly dialogue with library patrons at WGBH’s Boston Public Library Studio. The audio series captures interviews of library patrons about timely topics for the WGBH website and news programs providing a human perspective to the news cycle. WGBH producers are collaborating with the Manchester City Library to bring the unique program on the road for the first time.

WGBH News plans to send dozens of journalists, producers and engineers to cover the New Hampshire Primary in February. Reporters will be situated in communities all around the state to hear directly from New Hampshire voters about the issues that are top of mind.

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