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Mill City Monthly is a new sponsored feature by Rich Racine of Mill City Realty.


Downsizing – not the movie, but in real estate – is a natural progression, and doesn’t have to mean moving into a tiny home. I can help.


Buyers are still searching for the perfect home and many are not finding enough homes on the market that meet their needs. Buyers who tour homes – and make offers – during this time of year are often a serious crowd. You will be surprised how quickly your right-priced, move-in ready home can sell in today’s market, allowing you to move on to your next life stage and your next home.

Real Cliffhanger – or is it?

The home pictured above was designed by architects Modscape to be suspended above the ocean in the Australian state of Victoria.

Do you think it’s real? Or is it merely an illusion?

This conceptual property, was designed by Modscape of Brooklyn (that’s Brooklyn, Victoria, Australia) for a couple exploring options for a holiday home. If you were fooled by the image, you’re not alone. For some fun, read the comments from this 2014 post, just after the design was released.

Can I Quitclaim My House to Someone Else Whenever I Want?

If you own your house yourself (even if there’s a mortgage), you have a right to file a quitclaim deed and give it to someone else. Quitclaim means to hand the house over to someone else, and “quit” any claims you have to it. No money needs to be exchanged.

However, if you have a mortgage on the property, the new owner would have legal ownership of the property, but you would still be liable for the mortgage. To be fully released from the mortgage, you’d have to get the new owner to take out a new loan and pay off the existing mortgage, just as if it were being sold on the open market. Also, filing a quitclaim deed on a property that has an existing mortgage might trigger the mortgage company to accelerate and demand the loan be paid in full, so the home would require a new loan in any case.

That said, there are many nuances involved in quitclaim deeds, so if you plan to take this action, please speak with a qualified real estate attorney first.

Manchester Market Report

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, or just want to know what’s current in the world of property values, check out the current local market report by clicking here.


Rich Racine of Mill City Realty is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire. He currently lives in Manchester with his wife, daughter, and Old English bulldog. He’s a graduate of Plymouth State University, earning his degree in communication studies, with a focus in business administration. His specialty is helping clients navigate through the process of buying or selling a home. Follow Rich on Facebook, or contact him with questions or to make an appointment: 603-738-0898 or via email:

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