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Some four months back, right around the end of April as COVID was well on its way to dominating all our lives, I started doing something I rarely, if ever, did in the past: write poetry!

Having written only four poems in my entire life, I got hooked quite quickly, for no real reason, without any real motivation or intent behind it, on this art form.  I just started doing it daily, each morning, soon after rising.  And I love it.

For me, poetry is like speaking a new language, a fresh way to play with words, shuffle and mix and shake those words and feelings up and let them spill out and see what kind of shadows they create.

“Poets On The Loose” is a new series that will be dedicated to all poets and all forms of poetry — from the raw to the aged to the cryptic cynics and anonymous naughty-minded muses.

Everyone of all levels is welcome to submit a poem to for consideration.

First poet up is a local woman that goes by “Mermaid on the Rocks” and describes herself as a “40-something-year-old who gets her kicks from sipping booze, perpetuating unhealthy affairs, and connecting with land lovers.  She is often mesmerized by live music, charcuterie boards, and Pinterest.  A good-smelling man leaves her feeling tingly.  She lives a fairly ordinary life.  Most nights, you will find her at home with her tail curled up under a soft cotton blanket, dreaming of the ocean.”

The Ride Home

The slate blue cast an ominous sky

The air was heavy and thick

The music: familiar, moody and louder than necessary

My mind was everywhere on you

Your mouth, your lips, your words…that stunning body





When can I have it again?

Are you a poet on the loose? Got poetry? Send it to Rob Azevedo at

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Rob Azevedo

Rob Azevedo is an author, poet, columnist and radio host. He can be reached sitting in his barn at Pembroke City Limits and