Goonan announces bid for Ward 2 Alderman

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MANCHESTER, NH – I am honored to announce my candidacy for Alderman in Ward 2. I am a lifelong resident of the city and a proud product of the Manchester school system. My twins and granddaughter attend local public schools, and my parents were both born in Manchester. 

My father, Dan, retired from the Manchester Police Department. He later served the city as Alderman, as well as many other boards and local volunteer organizations throughout his life. His example instilled in me the very same passion for public service and love for this city. 

I joined the Manchester Fire Department in 1984, working my way through the ranks and eventually was promoted to Chief of the department in 2016. In this capacity, I worked to move the department in a new direction, beyond its traditional roles, to become a true all-crisis, all-hazards organization. By placing a greater focus on providing a better emergency medical service to the community, improving our emergency management preparedness and developing a community outreach program, the fire department stepped up and was able to provide leadership and solutions to address a broader scope of our city’s more critical issues. 

It gives me great pride to have served this community for many decades in public safety. As Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director, I managed a $20 million budget and helped develop programs that were recognized nationally. I led from the front, proposed outside-the-box solutions, and worked hard to make a difference for Manchester. 

In my time at the fire department, I held various leadership roles and worked under multiple mayoral administrations to guide the city through some of its most critical incidents, including the pandemic. I believe my leadership skills and dedication to public service make me an ideal candidate for Alderman. 

Throughout my career, I have witnessed the critical importance of public safety to a community’s well-being, and public safety must be our focus. As Alderman, I will make it my top priority to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe, secure, and continue to thrive, and that our public safety organizations have the tools necessary to do their jobs. 

Homelessness is at crisis levels in our community, and we cannot keep “leaf blowing” people from place to place without providing real solutions. Statewide, there is a serious lack of mental health treatment and stabilization. Bail reform must be a discussion with mental health and substance use disorder treatment within our correctional institutions. 

In this seemingly endless cycle of homelessness, it should go without saying that affordable housing must be front of mind. As homelessness is not exclusive to Manchester, many solutions must be brought about at the state level, and any policy changes will impact all communities, but Manchester in particular. As Alderman, I will ensure that Manchester leadership has a seat at the table during these discussions.

Finally, I am committed to strengthening and improving public education in our community. Our children deserve the best possible education, and we need to invest in our schools to ensure they have the resources necessary for success. This includes increasing the availability of training for Manchester students in the trades and technology. 

I am excited to begin this campaign and look forward to meeting with all the residents of Ward 2 to discuss these issues and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of people in our ward and community. 

If you’d like to support my campaign, visit my website to request a sign for your yard, and consider making a donation.


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Dan Goonan

Dan Goonan is a retired Manchester fire chief.