Good scores overall for April’s Health Department kitchen inspections

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Wildcat Cafe staff should feel good about earning 100 percent on April's Dept. of Health kitchen inspection.
Wildcat Cafe staff should feel good about earning 100 percent on April\’s Dept. of Health kitchen inspection.

MANCHESTER, NH: April Health Department inspections have been released by the Manchester Department of Health, and with the exception of the Queen City Avenue 7-Eleven, the school kitchens, outdoor canteens and eateries included in last month’s inspections fared well.

The 7-Eleven had five violations for a low score of 68, while several kitchens scored a perfect or near perfect score.

Manchester Food Service Inspection Program Process and Guidelines

The Manchester Health Department’s Environmental Health Division inspects all food service establishments at least once every six months. Inspection frequency is adjusted based on past performance, complexity of the menu and the population served. All scored inspections are unannounced.

The current system is based on a maximum 100 point score and points are subtracted for violations based on the severity of the violation type.

There are two types of violations, critical and non-critical:

Critical violations are those violations that are known to increase the risk of food borne illness to the consumer. Critical violations require a re-inspection within 10 days per City of Manchester Ordinance. Failure to correct these violations may result in a summons and/or administrative action.

Non-critical violations are those violations that may increase the consumer’s risk of illness if not addressed. These violations should be corrected by the next routine inspection.

Failing inspections are those that result in a total score of 69 or less. These inspections require a full, graded inspection within 48 hours, and a mandatory 1 month, full inspection.

Establishments that maintain an average score of 90 or higher and have no critical violations in a given calendar year may qualify for a Public Health Excellence or Achievement Award.

You can read through the April list below. Click here for the Health Department inspection archive.

NH Dept. of Healt/Inspection Scores by Food Service Establishment

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