Good news: Manchester is a community that cares

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Good news is hard to come by so when it comes, we should let people know.

Last week there was a terrible fire on the west side of Manchester. Three homes were involved, and the fire department sent out three alarms. When I arrived on the scene, the fire was intense and the fire and police were doing their jobs. The heat was unbearable and three or four firemen suffered from heat exhaustion. The fire engulfed two of the houses and the good work of the fire department saved a third.

Seventeen people were homeless and lost all of their belongings. They desperately needed help. A call went out to the community and the response was overwhelming. St. Raphael Church was the drop off place for money, clothing, household items, furniture and anything a family could use. The response was a true symbol of people helping people when there is need.

This is a poor neighborhood yet the response was something we could be proud of. When there is need, people respond. This is just one example of caring for your fellow man. It is good to be able to report that when the need came, the people responded. It was wonderful to be a witness to this and be able to report some positive news.

Sen. Lou D'Allesandro, D-Manchester

Sen. Lou D’Allesandro is from Manchester and has represented the people of District 20 for nine terms. For the 2015-2016 legislative session he is Vice Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee and sits on the Finance and Capital Budget Committees. You can reach Sen. D’Allensandro at


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