How to get your name removed from a police report on Manchester Ink Link

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Hillsborough County Courthouse.
Hillsborough County Courthouse.

MANCHESTER, NH – We receive daily police releases from various law enforcement agencies including Manchester Police, NH State Police, and the US Marshals with arrest reports, it’s routine and all part of the public record.

Often charges are dropped or settled in court through the legal process which assumes innocence until proof of guilt. In some cases, defendants are found not guilty, or are ordered to serve time.

We occasionally receive requests to have stories removed from our site, or names removed from arrest reports as people wish to put the past behind them.

Here’s what you should know: After a sentence has been served or if you’ve been found not guilty, simply email a scan or a jpeg of your court paperwork showing the conclusion of the case to

Court documents should show resolution of the case, along with dates and sentencing information. If warranted, we will edit or update the arrest post or crime story to reflect the resolution. We don’t have the capacity to follow up on every case individually, but are happy to help if possible.

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