Get a free cup of coffee at the new Common Man Roadside, with Adored mobile app

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 YouTube Flashback to October 2014: Co-founder Tim Thyne introduces Adored mobile app at Cafe la Reine. (My how it’s grown!)

MANCHESTER, NH – There’s so much more to adore about Adored since we first wrote about the mobile app that rewards you just for being in the right place, anytime.

In October of 2014 we met up with Cory von Wallenstein and Tim Thyne, co-founders of Adored, who were introducing their handy mobile app to unsuspecting customers at Cafe la Reine.

Since then, they’ve partnered with a total of 11 local businesses (so far) to provide instant rewards to anyone who has the app installed on their iPhone from iTunes or Android via Google Play (due to popular demand the Android app arrived in December!)

Get instant rewards from Adored mobile app.
Get instant rewards from Adored mobile app.

On Feb. 18, the Adored Street Team will be on location in Hooksett to spread the good word and celebrate their most recent partnership with Common Man Roadside, located off I-93, just the other side of the Hooksett Tolls. And everyone’s invited!

Stop by the northbound Common Man Roadside stop between 7:30-11 a.m. or the Southbound side between 4-6 p.m. and get a free cup of coffee.

And that’s not just a one-day promotion, says Thyne.

“Not only do Adored users get great rewards from our downtown Manchester partners, but now they will get a free 16-ounce cup of coffee whenever they are commuting, every time they stop,” says Thyne.

The “free coffee every time” promotion underscores the spirit of the new Common Man venture at New Hampshire’s most popular rest stops, says Thyne.

Yes, they are a huge tourist attraction. But what Common Man owner Alex Ray has in mind – and what von Wallenstein and Thyne are helping to promote – is the notion that the Common Man Roadside can become a favorite destination for those right  here in New Hampshire, who already appreciate what the Common Man Family of restaurants quite literally brings to the table.

In addition to the Common Man Roadside, other Adored participating businesses include: Cafe la Reine (free coffee on 10th visit); Finesse Pastries (free coffee on 10th visit); Hooked & Ignite Restaurants (50 percent off lunch entree on third visit); Manchester MonarchsMint Bistro (50 percent off one tapa with entree purchase on second visit; The Palace Theatre (buy one get one free soft drink on third visit)Shaskeen Pub (50 percent off sandwich during lunch hours on third visit); The Strange Brew ($5 off an entree on your fourth visit) and the Gyro Spot (free gyro on your fourth visit).


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