Gericke: Vote like your rights depend on it

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Did you know there will be two Constitutional amendments on the Nov. 6th ballot? Since political TV ads are spilling over from Massachusetts that may lead to confusion for Granite State voters, here’s a breakdown of the two questions that will appear on your New Hampshire ballot:

Question 1 restores taxpayers’ ability to sue the government: Vote YES on 1

Question 2 protects your private information from government snooping: Vote YES on 2

Question 1 restores taxpayer standing, a 150-year-old NH tradition that was stripped away by the state Supreme Court in 2014. “Yes on 1” means taxpayers can once again sue to hold our local government accountable to the people. My opponent, Lou D’Allesandro (80) was one of only two senators who voted against this taxpayer-friendly remedy. I urge you to vote for me, and to vote “Yes on 1.”

Question 2 protects your private and personal information. It’s one sentence: “An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential, and inherent.” D’Allesandro voted against this right to privacy. If, like me, you are concerned about the growing surveillance state, you should vote “Yes on 2.”

Isn’t it empowering to know you have a voice on these important issues? Apparently, my opponent thinks he knows better than you do, and does not think you should have a say at all.

My opponent has also said he won’t support a sales or income tax, yet as far back as 1982, he refused to take the “No New Tax” pledge, and ran on a platform of raising taxes, which he has, indeed, been doing for the past 20 years. I have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and will never support a broad-based sales or income tax.

D’Allesandro has had 20 years in the Senate to address issues facing our state. Why would you continue to place trust in him, especially when he voted not to place trust in you by voting against these two commonsense Constitutional amendments?

Remember, in order for a Constitutional amendment to appear on the ballot, it must have ⅔ bipartisan support in both chambers. It also requires that ⅔ of Granite Staters vote YES on Nov. 6th. Show him you know what’s good for you by voting YES on these questions, and by voting for me, Carla Gericke.

I will appear on the Nov. 6th ballot as both the Republican and Libertarian candidate. You can read about my 25 years of real-world experience here, but in short: I’m a former lawyer, writer, non-profit director, and volunteer. I own a home in West Manchester with my husband of 24 years, Louis Calitz, where we live with our rescued dog, Nervous Nellie.

It’s time for a fresh start in District 20. It’s time for a new, independent voice, one who is not beholden to lobbyists and special interests. It’s is also time to elect a senator who will support marijuana legalization for adult use, as 70 percent of Granite Staters want.

I trust YOU to make your own decisions for yourself and your family, and I want to encourage a freedom-friendly climate for you to excel at doing just that. This means a stronger economy and higher wages through less government regulations and red tape, lower taxes through lower spending, and more of your hard earned money left in your own, capable hands to spend as you see fit.

I ask for your vote on Nov. 6th — if you are someone who won’t vote Republican, vote for me as the Libertarian candidate — you might even find this a little exhilarating; already, more choices for you!

I promise to serve with integrity, character, and compassion. Let’s get to work!

Carla Gericke is the Republican and Libertarian nominee for state senate in District 20 (Manchester Wards 3, 4, 10, 11 and Goffstown). You can learn more at

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