Game on: Congresswoman AOC plays ‘Among Us’ with Twitch streamers

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
United States Representative from New York Takes on Gaming!

Tuesday October 20, 2020, Twitch.TV gave birth to a new star. Oh, it’s not some 16 year old maximizing their newly adjusted quarantine life, it’s the only person currently walking the planet with a three-letter household name. Congresswoman AOC. Social media superstar, U.S. Representative and much more. There are far and few people that have the “IT” factor that AOC does. People that come to mind for me are the likes of Barack Obama … and yeah that’s pretty much it!

So why was this such a big deal? AOC is known to use non-conventional methods to reach a wider audience, so playing Among Us on Twitch to raise awareness to register for voting seems right up her alley. She really went for the fences, too, by teaming up with Twitch’s biggest and brightest stars for this night of gaming. The list includes Ilhan Omar and Twitch Partners, such as Pokimane, HasanAbi and Myth.

The congresswoman asked the other gamers on the live stream how they were planning to vote. Myth, who has 7 million Twitch followers, said on Twitter that this would be his first time voting. “It’s super easy to do, so do it,” he told his 2.3 million Twitter followers in a post.

As of October 24th, 2020 AOC has 678k Twitch Followers at



Publisher: InnerSloth

Release: June 15, 2018

Available on: iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android

Among Us is a multiplayer game, supporting four to ten players. One to three of these players are randomly selected each game to be Impostors, while the rest are Crewmates. Crewmates are given “tasks” to complete around the map in the form of minigames, consisting of maintenance work on vital systems, such as electrical rewiring and fueling engines. Impostors are given a fake list of tasks to blend in with Crewmates, although they are unable to complete any task. Crewmates have to complete their chosen tasks, report bodies of other crewmates who got killed, and initiate emergency meetings if they witness an impostor doing something incriminating.

The goal of the Crewmates is to identify the Impostors, eliminate them, and complete tasks around the map; the Impostors’ goal is to covertly sabotage and kill the Crewmates before they complete all their tasks. Through a vote, players believed to be Impostors may be removed from the game. If all Impostors are eliminated or all tasks are completed, the Crewmates win; if there is an equal number of Impostors and Crewmates, or if a critical sabotage goes unresolved, the Impostors win!

Download Among Us and maybe you can play with AOC one day too!

Click BELOW to rewatch the AOC Among Us Twitch stream!

with Twitch Superstars!

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