Full Election Results: Craig wins reelection over Sullivan

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Mayor Joyce Craig celebrates apparent reelection Tuesday at the Puritan. Photo/Andrew Sylvia

MANCHESTER, NH — Mayor Joyce Craig has won a decisive victory over her opponent Victoria Sullivan in Tuesday’s mayoral race.

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Ward totals were still being tallied as of 8:15 p.m., but according to Craig’s campaign, the mayor won 11 of 12 wards with the largest percentage of victory since Ted Gatsas beat Chris Herbert in 2011.

“I’m honored and humbled to have been elected to serve a second term as Mayor of Manchester – the best job in the world! In less than two years, we’ve made tremendous progress and I look forward to continuing to work together to build a stronger Manchester,” Craig said.

Sullivan conceded the race to Craig before the final tally. A tearful Sullivan said she wasn’t crying because she lost but from “all the love and support” from the room at Murphy’s Taproom, her official post-election headquarters.
When asked if she would consider running again, Sullivan said she has more to do for the city.
“I’m not taking anything off the table. I’m not done with my work for this city. I have so much support around the city,” Sullivan said.
She said she was proud of her campaign and for coming within 13 percent of the incumbent in her first city-wide race.
Alderman At-Large Joe Levasseur won re-election and was the top vote-getter among the four candidates. Photo/Carol Robidoux

In other citywide races, both At-Large Aldermen Joe Levasseur and Dan O’Neil retained their seats; Jim O’Connell and Joseph Lachance won seats as School Board At-Large members.

Three ballot questions all passed, one allowing aldermen to amend the city charter to adjust ward lines based on population, one to allow sportsbook betting and one non-binding question to allow high school students to have a non-voting seat on the school board.

See full ward-by-ward results tabulated below.

Unofficial Results: City-wide Offices

(Winners in bold with asterisks. Tallies do not include hand count or write-in ballots. Final tallies will be verified by the Secretary of State and we will update as soon as that information is available.).


*Joyce Craig: 11,003 (57%)

Victoria Sullivan: 8,436 (43%)

Alderman At-Large

Kate Desrochers: 8,484

*Joe Levasseur: 9,252

*Dan O’Neil: 8,615

Will Infantine: 5,059

School Committee At-Large

*Jim O’Connell: 7,653

Lara Quiroga: 6,118

*Joseph Lachance: 7,335

Gene Martin: 5,261

School Charter Commission:

Amy Allen: 3,962

Robert “Benge” Ambrogi: 1,559

Sarah Ambrogi: 3,750

*Tim Baines: 5,674

Amy Bradley: 2,108

Joede Brown: 612

*John Clayton: 6,447

*Lou D’Allesandro: 7,138

Ben Dion: 1,760

Lisa Freeman: 3,499

*Mary Freitas: 4,211

Jim Gaudet: 2,300

Carla Gericke: 1,902

Gary Hamer: 1,959

Jon Claude Hopwood: 1,405

Will Infantine: 5,585

Albert Jernigan: 975

Amber Jodoin: 2,636

Ann Kalasky: 1,936

Joseph Lachance:  5,663

*Jimmy Lehoux: 4,479

Pat Long: 4,189

*Mike Lopez: 4,741

Susan C. Lord: 2,307

Shannon Moloney: 1,979

Candace Moulton: 2,096

Glenn RJ Ouellette: 2,370

Matthew Ping: 1,085

Andre Rosa: 1,587

William Roy: 2,588

Shane Rozamus: 1,189

Karen Soule:  2,158

Kathleen Sullivan: 6,671

Ross Terrio: 2,879

Linda Garrish Thomas: 1,746

Glenn Turgeon: 1,811

Leslie Want: 3,962

Ward Results

Ward 1


*Kevin Cavanaugh: 1,923

Jeff Nylan: 642

School Committee

Amber Jodoin: 935

*James Porter: 1,334


*Sharyn Kelley: 1,941

Ward Clerk

*Darleen Dumont Wilkins: 1,840


*Aaron Losier: 1,319

*Jim Townsend: 1,488

*Judy DiBurro Vitale: 1,281

Ward 2


Tyler Chase: 362

*Will Stewart: 1,520

School Committee

*Kathleen Kelley Arnold: 962

Sean Parr: 784


*Nicholl Marshall: 1,357

Ward Clerk

No candidate


*Dennis Walsh: 795

*Elena Whitfield: 787

*Win Hutchinson: 796

Adeel Tahir: 720

Ward 3


*Pat Long: 671

Daniel Heck: 231

School Committee

Mary Ngwanda Georges: 401

*Karen Soule: 433


Roger Ford: 251

*Amy McCall: 489

Ward Clerk

*Karen Soule: 727


*Holly Bene: 433

*Mary Ngwanda Georges: 589

*Glenn RJ Ouellette: 427

Ward 4


Chris Herbert: 552

*Jim Roy: 561

School Committee

Mark J. Flanders: 499

*Leslie Want: 596


Sudi Lett: 351

*Stephen Mathieu: 618

Ward Clerk

Jean Marie Mathieu: 685

Inbal Rejwan-Day: 275


Amy Bradley: 777

Thierry Lakutu: 319

Ward 5


Marcus Ponce de Leon: 259

*Tony Sapienza: 487

School Committee

*Jeremy Dobson: 389

Lisa Freeman: 375


*Paul Crawford: 592

Ward Clerk

*Ed Staub: 573


*Patricia Dwyer: 517

*Brandon Stapleton: 357

Ward 6


Gerry Gibson: 642

*Elizabeth Moreau: 1,175

School Committee

*Dan Bergeron: 1,020

Jon DiPietro: 830


*Louise Gosselin: 1,089

Alex Wied: 353

Ward Clerk

*Karen Ladd: 1,445


*Susan Lord: 1,012

*Mary McDermott: 954

*Roger Gosselin: 828

Albert Jernigan:587

Ward 7


Brenda Noiseux: 635

*Ross Terrio: 704

School Committee

Christopher Potter: 634

*William Shea: 670


*William Cote: 1,041

Ward Clerk

*Michael Reuschel: 993


*Mary Freitas: 914

Claire Roy: 702

Nathan Zwillich:556

Ward 8


Michael Farley: 876

*Michael Porter: 1,051

School Committee

Jimmy Lehoux: 903

*Peter Perich: 1,144


*Bruce Hardy: 847

John Rist: 773

Ward Clerk

*James R. Gaudet: 1,569


*Angel Brisson: 1,128

*Macy McNair: 935

Ward 9


Daniel Leclerc: 719

*Barbara Shaw: 838

School Committee

*Arthur Beaudry: 872

Candace Moulton: 653


*Gloria Pilotte: 1,300

Ward Clerk

*Brian McCoy: 1,229


Jeremy Paris: 388

*Maurice Pilotte: 662

Michael Ricker: 352

*Joan Sullivan Flurey: 690

*Kate Marquis: 538

Jane McCoy: 439

Ward 10


*Bill Barry: 838

Ray Hebert: 694

School Committee

John Avard: 636

*Jane Beaulieu: 796


Christopher Messier: 1,177

Ward Clerk

*Heidi Hamer: 1,083

Merav Yaakov: 229


Gary Hamer: 861

Jane LaPerle: 818

Donna McQuade: 858

Ward 11


*Normand Gamache: 466

Russ Ouellette: 440

School Committee

*Nicole Leapley: 505

Brittany Leclear-Ping: 351


*Lucille Forest: 569

Chip Spangler:

Ward Clerk

*Lisa Ouellette: 521

Chloe Sowers:


Allisandra Murray: 316

Matthew Ping: 291

Brennan Robinson: 201

*Pauline Cecile Blanchette: 366

*Lorraine Charron: 389

*Pauline Janelle: 381

Ward 12


Hassan Essa: 702

*Keith Hirschmann: 757

School Committee

*Kelly Thomas: 720

Andrew Toland: 607


*Verna Perry-Bellaveau: 1,087

Ward Clerk: 

*Constance Roy-Czyzowski: 1,034


*Christine Ordzie: 521

Michael O’Rourke: 456

Patrick Sweeney: 484

*Roger Beauchamp: 490

Frank Coyne: 245

*Carlos Gonzalez: 695

Ballot Questions:

Do you favor a charter amendment?

Yes: 11,265

No: 6,116

Do you favor sports betting?

Yes: 9,549

No: 8,348

Allow high school students a non-voting seat on the school board.

Yes: 13,578

No: 4,702

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