Shire Sharing: 5th annual Thanksgiving food drive by Free State Project

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MANCHESTER, NH – State Rep. Amanda Bouldin, D-Manchester, is busy enough with her own life, making ends meet as a single mom and legislating in Concord. But she has a certain zest for life that pushes her to also focus on leaving the world a little better than she found it.

Screenshot 2015-10-27 at 8.54.35 PMIt’s a trait she inherited from her father, Kent Bouldin, who died in 2011, shortly after she moved to New Hampshire from her home state of Texas.  Since his death, Bouldin has continued a tradition here that he began in Dallas, creating a Thanksgiving meal outreach which Bouldin calls Shire Sharing.

This will be the fifth year she’s organized the event, with a lot of helping hands —  her Liberty-minded friends are doing the leg work, along with an assist from  several local businesses — Brady Sullivan, which is donating warehouse space, All American Moving Company, helping transport the food, and Hannaford, Market Basket and Sam’s Club, for supplies.

State Rep. Amanda Bouldin
State Rep. Amanda Bouldin

Food baskets will be assembled at the warehouse Nov. 21  and delivered to families all around the state on Nov. 22, from Grafton to Nashua, making use of satellite operations at local churches and schools, including Polaris Charter School in Manchester, and Peaceful Assembly Church in Grafton. Each recipient family will receive a turkey dinner with all the fixings, including cooking pan and ingredients for pumpkin pie. Because all recipients are contacted in advance, dietary adjustments are made to include vegetarian or cultural preferences, including fresh fruits and veggies, lentils, rice or other ethnic foods, says Bouldin.

Cost to feed one family is about $35 per basket. Those who’d like to contribute directly can do so through the Shire Sharing web site.

Notes left with every basket by the Free State Project members.
Notes left with every Shire Sharing basket delivered by Free State Project members.

The 2015 goal is lofty – to feed 500 families. Bouldin is motivated, at least in part,  by her Libertarian sensibilities to make things happen through volunteerism and private donation. They are a little less than halfway to goal, with several fundraisers on the calendar ahead. In addition to the food baskets, Bouldin has compiled a list of children in need of warm coats, to be distributed along with the food.

There are plenty of ways to get involved:

If you want to sponsor a child in need of a coat, contact The group is collecting gently used (and clean) or new coats in the sizes listed below: 

Child #1 – 14, female 

Balloon guy with skills on location during 2014 Shire Sharing distribution day.
Balloon guy with skills on location during 2014 Shire Sharing distribution day.

Child #2 – 11, male
Child #3 – 9, male
Child #4 – 12, female
Child #5 – 7, female
Child #6 – 5, male
Child #7 – 8, male
Child #8 – 6, female
Child #9 – 8, male
Child #10 – 5, male
Child #11 – 3, female
Child #12 – 12, female
Child #13 – 10, male
Child #14 – 14, male
Child #15 – 12, male
Child #16 – 6, male
Child #17 – 3, female
Child #18 – 2, male
Child #19 – 13, female
Child #20 – 11, male
Child #21 – 9, female
Child #22 – 7, female
Child #23 – 13, male
Child #24 – 9, male
Child #25 – 14, female
Child #26 – 11, male
Child #27 – 5, male

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