From the publisher: How you can support the Ink Link, and why it matters

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If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve been following Manchester Ink Link for local news and information for a while now.

Thank you.

I started the Ink Link in June of 2014, an unemployed journalist with a big idea that something like this was needed. It is ever-evolving but remains a place where community connects for relevant news and information — a site that strives for balance and seeks solutions rather than dwelling solely on the crime and punishment “bad news” of the day, which was the mission of your father’s printed newspaper.

Our small but mighty team of reporters engage in real time and meet readers where they are — in the community and via social media. We’re responsive to your tips and questions. And we believe that if what we’re putting down is worth picking up, those who can afford to will find a way to support what we’re doing so that the whole community can have free access.

We believe we are building a stronger community, one story at a time.

In an effort to test that theory, we’ve launched a V.I.P. Membership Program. V.I.P. stands for Virtual Inklink Patron, and it gives willing readers an opportunity to buy-in by pledging financial support with monthly or annual memberships. In return, we’ve lined up exclusive discounts to a growing number of local VIP Business Partners, available only to card-carrying InkLink VIPs.

VIP Card and key tag.

So, how do I get my card?

Simply click here, read all about it and then choose your level of support, on a monthly or discounted annual basis.

  • $4.99 per month
  • $9.99 per month
  • $19.99 per month

We’ll deliver the goods in person, or hand it over on Nov. 13 at our first planned event, a Pub[lisher’s] Crawl downtown (see more on that below).

But wait, there’s more

We also intend to build community through the V.I.P. program by holding special invitation-only events. If you’re a VIP member you’ll get an email invitation and (soon) be able to hang out in our members-only VIP Facebook group.

Also, we have cool mugs!

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Cool mug.

Mug is cool, but what kinds of events?

Glad you asked. Although you can sign up right now by clicking here you can also come out to our Nov. 13 Pub[lisher’s] Crawl, a cool way to find out more, sign up on the spot if you want to, and enjoy special craft beer and drink specials with a literary theme at four downtown establishments. The pub crawl is free to attend and you don’t have to sign up as a V.I.P to join us, but you have to reserve a spot via Eventbrite, so we know how many are joining.

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⇒ Click here to go directly to Eventbrite and reserve your FREE ticket.

Is that it?

Almost. We also look forward to planning panel and round-table discussions related to stories of interest in the Ink Link around issues that matter to you:

  • after-hours office parties featuring local musicians;
  • game nights, group field trips and more pub crawls
  • bootcamp for community journalists to provide some reporting basics that will help anyone interested in contributing to the Ink Link an opportunity to earn some street cred and a stipend;
  • info nights and activities open to the general public;
  • and whatever else you can dream up.

Are you in?

I have loved building the Ink Link over these five-plus years and assembling a team of writers and contributors who have helped Ink Link grow. And we want it to go on forever.

We wouldn’t be here today without the ongoing support of our Community Ad PartnersBrady Sullivan Properties, Elliot Hospital/Solution Health; Palace Theatre; Quirk Autos; WBC Office Suites; SEE Science Center; Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium, along with a rotating group of dozens of local businesses who allow us to help them get their message out to readers through banner advertising and sponsored content.

We also are here today thanks to the generous support of loyal readers who have through one-time or monthly contributions done their part. Some send $2 a month, others $50, and some have made larger one-time contributions. It all goes back into keeping the lights on and the news and information flowing.

Bottom line? 

Our site traffic has risen 40 percent this year over last year, and we’re fielding nearly a quarter of a million monthly visits. Thank you!

You have DIY Power 1 1

We’ve had more user-generated content than ever before, stories and events submitted by readers and organizations who know we can amplify their message with our reach. Historically, we’ve never been more popular or seen more financial support than in 2019. But if the Ink Link is truly a tool and a resource for the community, our VIP Membership drive will allow readers to have a vested interest in the future of the Ink Link and a sense of ownership.

Given the state of the business of news, this is still an experiment in sustainability.

Investors and venture capitalists often seek out a sure thing that promises to scale and bring them back a sweet financial return on that investment. We believe support of local news is probably the most valuable investment there is, and the returns are immeasurable, if it endorses civic engagement, brings a community together and keeps them well-informed. (And oh, hey – if you’re an investor looking to do some good for our community, hit me up at!

We are not your father’s newspaper. We aren’t trying to be. We want to be the place where anyone who lives here, works here, plays here, who loves Manchester, can find what they need. And if they can’t find it, they can create it.

What does the future look like? We know it shouldn’t look like a miniature version of the legacy news sites that have spent the last decade sloughing off journalists from the payroll. It shouldn’t try to recreate an antiquated model of news gathering and dissemination.

It should dare to be different, and that’s where we’re headed.

The only question left to ask is: “Is the Ink Link valuable to you and does it make your life *better (more interesting, easier, joyful … pick your own adjective)?”

That’s something only you can answer.

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Ink Link Founder, Publisher and Chief Instigating Officer

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