Frank the ‘pirate cat’ is ready to ship out, just needs a safe harbor

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Frank gets up close and cozy with his caretakers at MSPCA-Nevins Farm.
Frank gets up close and cozy with his caretakers at MSPCA-Nevins Farm.

Another Valentine’s Day is history, as evidenced by those “62 percent off” deals on pink cupcakes not to mention one other – and more ominous – sign: The Gabby Dog’s love obsession with Sir Stuffington the one-eyed Internet cat, is not past-tense, as the family had hoped.

Gabby DogNo, according to Asia, the tabby, she sent Twitter valentines to Stuffington and two other pirate-patch cats, Wesley and Nanakuli.

As pet lovers likely already know, Sir Stuffington, Wesley, and Nanakuli, the Hawaiian doll, have made one-eyed cats into a hot Internet commodity.

Nanakuli rides the waves at Honolulu. Stuffington burst on the scene in 2013 and pushed Grumpy cat out of the limelight. Wesley, a shelter kitten, touched hearts after he waited months for a new home.

Gabby and Asia found out about them years ago. As usual, the human secretary knew nothing until she discovered the unusual Favorites list on the computer.

“Gabby,” I said and lifted her on my lap. “What’s going on?” I have legitimate concerns about my pets cyber stalking, I told her.

Not allowed.

Gabby pawed the mouse and led me to the story of a local kitty with the unassuming name of Frank. Frank, also a one-eyed kitty, is ready to don a pirate patch and just needs a little help finding a new home.

Of course, when I saw his picture my heart melted.

Like his predecessors, Frank overcame cruelty and hardship before he hit it big. The little black cat with the wide white bib turned up half dead in a Lawrence, Mass., doorway.

According to the MSPCA’s Rob Halpin, Frank was rescued when the Lawrence animal control officer received a report about a beat-up cat hanging out by someone’s front door.

Ellen Bistany, the ACO, figured the cat was about 4. She could see he had suffered serious injuries, but hoping he had a chance, she rushed him to the Nevins Farm, in Methuen, Mass. He arrived there just before Christmas.

Frank was in pretty bad shape, Halpin said. As it turned out, the little guy had been struck by a car – months before – and had been roughing it outside in the cold.

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Homeless and starving, Frank somehow managed to survive.

“It was immediately apparent to the adoption center clinic team that ‘Frank,’ as he has since come to be called, had suffered traumatic injury to his face, head and hips — most likely from a run-in with a fast-moving car,” Halpin said.  “His right eye was so damaged it had to be surgically removed, along with a broken upper canine tooth.  Frank had also suffered a broken jaw.”

The Nevins patched him up and sent him to a foster home to mend.

According to Mike Keiley, the Nevins Farm director, Frank is on the road to recovery, although he will need two hip surgeries to make sure he can keep up with Johnny Depp. But for now, the best medicine is a loving home.

“Frank’s friendly and sweet-natured personality has started to shine now that he’s gained a bit of weight and is no longer suffering from his eye injury, and we can now place him for adoption,” he said.

If you would to know more about adopting Frank, e-mail the Noble Family Animal Care & Adoption Center using this address:

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