Flashbacks, guaranteed: ‘Manchester NH Dreams,’ a video tribute to Blodget, bridges and the 1970s

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“Manchester NH: Dreams” features three different stories, all covering different periods of time in Manchester’s history.

First, learn about THE Dreamer, and our founder of the place, Sam Blodget.

Ever drive up Blodget Street? That’s him.

He visited England once, came back here to the states, then visited Derryfield NH, and, well… he had a dream.

The next story features two bridges in the city. The first one features the guy who allowed the construction of the bridge on his property, and the two guys it was named after. The other bridge featured is across town, which has been gone for almost a hundred years and has since been replaced twice.

The third segment of this video brings you back to the 1970s.

This then-and-now feature is not intended to point out what’s no longer there in a negative, and that life is no longer fun.

It’s just intended to make you reach back into the furthest corner of your heart and remember, and be happy you have these memories of yesterday.

And let’s all be grateful for today.

Paul Cormier is a videographer, DJ, radio personality and lifelong resident of Manchester, NH. You can reach him at paul.mpts@gmail.com

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