Firefighter injured after falling through floor of Somerville Street Laundromat

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Sommerville Laundry/FILE PHOTO

MANCHESTER, NH – A firefighter was injured while working at a Laundromat fire on Somerville Street Wednesday.

At about 12:30 p.m. crews were initially dispatched to 720 Union St. after a caller reported a fire at the Union Street Laundromat. However, crews from Station 7 were redirected to Somerville Laundry, 721 Somerville St. where heavy smoke was venting from the Laundromat.

Fire in the one-story Laundromat began in a commercial dryer and spread to several adjacent dryers filling the unoccupied laundromat with heavy smoke.

While searching for occupants and running a line a lieutenant from Engine 10 fell through the floor and was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Additional first-alarm fire crews arrived to assist in extinguishment and to check for fire extension.

There was no  alarm system in the Laundromat, in addition to the wrong address being reported initially, which delayed response time.

The cause is still under investigation by MFD’s fire marshal’s office, but it is not considered to be suspicious at this time.

Estimated damage is $5,000.