Fired logistics worker accused of deleting vital computer data 

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LONDONDERRY, NH – A FedEx subcontractor in Londonderry was thrown in disarray earlier this year when a disgruntled former employee deleted critical delivery data after he was fired, according to police.

Jonathan E. Butt, 37, of Manchester was arrested Monday and charged with criminal mischief, misuse of a computer or network, unauthorized access of a computer and destruction of equipment, following an investigation that began in January. 

Butt is accused of remotely logging into the cloud software used by ERT Logistics via a company-issued laptop on Jan. 6 and deleting “vital” delivery route information for packages being delivered for Federal Express Ground, according to an arrest warrant by Det. Narciso Garcia of the Londonderry Police Department.

Jonathan Butt/LPD

Investigators determined that someone using Butt’s login credentials deleted the routes around 10:30 p.m., about 12 hours after ERT owner Nihat Ertas fired Butt. His former employer says Butt subsequently returned the laptop.

Ertas reported the alleged crime to police on Jan. 12. He told police that ERT’s work as a subcontractor for FedEx is responsible for 10,000 packages a week.

The data used in the company’s “dynamic route optimization” (DRO) software manages all the information related to a delivery, including the vehicle, driver, service area, scheduled stops, package counts, special instructions and more.

In a text exchange between Ertas and Butt, provided to police by Ertas, Butt allegedly admitted to the crime. 

“Cleaned out dro… Eric and Jeff can do it better Good luck,” Butt texted his former boss.

Ertas responded saying it was a prosecutable crime and he was very disappointed in him.

“Dro was my hard work Not just handing it over,” Butt said.

After the DRO data was deleted, the company had to scramble to repair the database and work around the problem, which Ertas told police required him to pay $4,349 in overtime pay over a two-week period.

Butt was released on an unsecured appearance bond of $10,000 Monday.