February ‘Art on the Wall at City Hall’ features the work of Brendan McCormick

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BrendanMcCormick Man Digital 11x14 Brendan McCormick scaled


McCormick owns and operates BMcCormickART, where he makes darkly humorous and colorfully deviant digital art. McCormick, who has worked in Manchester for 13 years, said, “We are all a sum of our experiences and I’ve always drawn inspiration from my childhood growing up in the ’90s with my love of skateboarding, comics, cartoons and video games.”

McCormick chooses not to title his work, believing that “names and titles often act like unspoken instructions of how something should be approached, observed or handled. I don’t name my pieces, if I can help it, because they all mean something different to everyone. I would never want to take that special experience away from anyone if they found meaning in something I did that was unintentional.”

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Find more art by Brendan McCormick on Instagram @bmccormick86.

Since graduating college in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in film Ppoduction from Keene State College, Brendan has worked in television. He rediscovered his love for creating artwork a few years ago and since then has been selling his work to people all over the country and in stores around New England. His work is available for purchase at  bmccormick.com.

More of his work can be seen on Instagram at @bmccormick86.

Artists interested in showing their work singly or as a group, can apply to the Manchester Arts Commission at https://bit.ly/ArtontheWall.

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