What is QC Baton? We’re a collaborative Instagram community that serves the Southern region of New Hampshire. Our goal is give the virtual Baton to one local Instagrammer per day to share their photographs and the reasons they love this area or just take us along during their daily routine! When 24 hours is up, the Baton is passed to the next person who has signed up for their turn.


How do I hold the Baton? Fill out the form on our Sign Up page to be added to the waiting list. We will email a batch of people from the waiting list (in the order we received their sign-ups) and they may choose an open date from the calendar. Prior to your day with the Baton, we’ll send you the password to our Instagram account and a reminder to review this FAQ and our Rules & Policies.

How do I qualify for QC Baton? Anyone who lives in NH with an Instagram account may sign up. However, we screen every Instagram account to make sure its owner is a good match (and not an Internet troll). Signing up for QC Baton does not guarantee access. We may revoke access to anyone at any time for any reason.

Do I have to live in NH? Yes please! The focus is to showcase the beautiful granite state!

What constitutes a good match? We’re mostly checking for profane and vulgar content. Nudity isn’t OK either. We stand firmly by our own Rules & Policies and Instagram’s Community Guidelines, but if we find anything questionable, we’ll ask you about it first.

What if I have a private account? We respect your privacy and you’re welcome to sign up. Before we you can to participate in our project, however, we’ll follow you on Instagram and ask you to allow us to see your pictures. Once we have screened you and decided you’re a good match, you may choose your day with the Baton.

What if there is a cancellation? If someone cancels, we will email the first person on the waiting list. If that person declines, we’ll ask the next person and the naysayer will be moved to the end of the waiting list so we can contact them again when more days open up. We ask that you refrain from requesting specific dates for cancellations. Our scheduled photographers have waited a long time for their days with QC Baton, and we will not ask them to cancel or trade with you. If you must cancel, please email ASAP.

Can I sign up for a Saturday or Sunday? Sorry, we take the weekends off. We have If you’d like to hold the Baton, you’ll have to do it on a weekday. No exceptions.

Can my business hold the baton?  QC Baton does not allow companies and brands to participate at this time. As this project is intended to showcase people’s perspectives of NH, of course we don’t mind if you mention your place of work during your day, but it is not a platform for free advertising. So we ask that you please sign up to hold the Baton with your personal Instagram account. For more information, please see our Rules & Policies.

Can I carry the Baton again? Yes! We love all our previous Baton-holders. To qualify, you must religiously follow our rules and sign up for the baton again!

Can I cancel, trade or reschedule my day? If you have to cancel, let us know. We’ll contact a member of our waiting list to take your place. Send us an email at


How do I post pictures? Once you’re signed up, we will trust you with our Instagram password close to your day. You simply upload your photos to our account throughout your assigned 24-hour period with the Baton. Every time you post a photo to Instagram, it will automatically populate our social media accounts. Sometimes this takes a few minutes, but your photographs will be seen across the web regardless.

How many photos can I post? We recommend posting anywhere from six to eight photos, but we ask that you limit your day to 10 photos at maximum. We ask everyone to review our Rules & Policies before holding the Baton.

Can I post videos to QC Baton too? Nope. We started QC Baton as a photo project and we want it to stay that way until further notice please. No Exceptions

What kinds of things should I post? Our goal is for you to be a tour guide for the day, so show us why you love living in NH. We want to see a typical day in your life as well as your favorite hangouts in the NH. Anything goes, really, as long as you abide by our Rules & Policies.

What should I write in my captions? You can write whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t violate our Rules & Policies. We prefer long captions that tell a story and spark conversation in the comments. *Your captions need to end in “Photo by @[yourusername]. You can add as many hashtags as you like, too.

Example caption: “Part of my commute to the office involves a short walk through Elm Street in downtown #ManchesterNH. One of the many reasons I love Manchester so much is because we have some awesome cafes and spring weather! #Spring #DTMHT Photo by @[username].”

What happens if I post a photo or comment that breaks the QC Baton Rules & Policies? We stand firmly by Instagram’s Community Guidelines, so please don’t do anything that could get us kicked off Instagram. Plus, we have a few Rules & Policies of our own. By signing up to participate, you have agreed to follow them. QC Baton reserves the right to delete ANY photos and comments from our account. If you break one of our rules, we probably won’t let you hold the Baton again, so PLEASE keep that in mind.


Why are there so many photos of ___ on QC Baton? We leave the content up to the Baton-holders. If you hold the Baton, you’re free to take pictures of whatever you like too — within our Rules & Policies, of course.

Why won’t QC Baton follow me back? We only follow those who have held the Baton — soo…sign up for the baton today!

How long did it take you guys to write this FAQ? It took some time, but isn’t anything that you believe in worth it? Thanks for reading!