Election Results: Joyce Craig beats Ted Gatsas by 1,499 votes

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Joyce Craig, mayor-elect of Manchester, arriving at Ward 1 to vote on Tuesday. Photo/Carol Robidoux

MANCHESTER, NH – With all wards reporting, the city of Manchester has a new mayor in Joyce Craig — the city’s first woman to lead City Hall.

Mayor Ted Gatsas conceded the win before all votes had been counted by Tweeting his congratulations to “Mayor-Elect Joyce Craig.”

Based on the numbers below, we’ll likely see a number of recounts  including Ward 3, where Tim Baines had a 6-vote victory over Pat Long. The deadline to receive applications for any recounts of votes cast related to the November 7, 2017 Municipal General Election is extended one business day to Monday, November 13th at 5 p.m. due to the observance of Veteran’s Day on November 10.


City Clerk Matthew Normand notes that there was a 40 percent voter turnout this time around. The full unofficial results (see below) represent tabulated ballots only and do not include hand-count ballots and write-in votes.

Official municipal election results will be released on the city’s Election Results page by close of business Nov. 8, 2017.

  • The traditional city flag won over the new designs by a landslide (see results in the charts below).
  • Keno is coming to Manchester – Yes votes: 13,284; No votes: 8,304
  • Erika Conners won in the District 18 Special Senate Election, 1,198 to 1,178 over Albert MacArthur.
  • See all other ward elected offices in the charts below.

See the ward-by-ward results below. We’ll bring you more coverage here as the night goes on, so check back.

Unofficial final in Mayors race:

Mayor Gatsas: 10,554

Joyce Craig: 12,053* 

Mayor-elect Joyce Craig celebrates her victory over Mayor Ted Gatsas at the Puritan Conference Center shortly after learning she had won. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

Winning candidate in red. (i) signifies incumbent

Ward 1


(i) Kevin Cavanaugh – 1,809*

Chris Stewart – 1,328


(i) Sarah Ambrogi – 1,782*

Joseph LaChance – 1,115


Ted Gatsas – 1,379

Joyce Craig – 1,971*

Ward 2


Will Stewart – 1,304*

Bob OSullivan- 938


(i) Deb Langton- 1,047

David Scannell- 1,069*


Ted Gatsas – 1,047

Joyce Craig – 1,361*

Ward 3


(i) Pat Long – 523

Tim Baines – 529*


(i) Mary Georges – 563*

Phillip Harris – 339


Ted Gatsas – 447

Joyce Craig – 700*

Ward 4


(i) Chris Herbert – 688*

Stephen Mathieu – 596


(i) Leslie Want – 682*

Mark Flanders – 592


Ted Gatsas – 779*

Joyce Craig – 628

Ward 5


(i) Tony Sapienza – 594*

Cameron Barr – 231


(i) Lisa Freeman – 454*

Kathy Staub – 393


Ted Gatsas – 549

Joyce Craig – 439

Ward 6


(i) Elizabeth Moreau – 1,153*

Peter Macone – 1,128


(i) Dan Bergeron – 1,143*

Jon DiPetro – 1,093


Ted Gatsas – 1,274*

Joyce Craig – 1,194

Ward 7


(i) Bill Shea – 849*

Brenda Noiseux – 703


(i) Ross Terio – 889*

Ethan Moorhouse – 516


Ted Gatsas – 790

Joyce Craig – 849*

Ward 8


Betsi Devries – 1,097

John Cataldo – 1,274*


(i) Erika Conners – 1,093

Jimmy Lehoux – 1,214*


Ted Gatsas – 1,264*

Joyce Craig – 1,192

Ward 9


(i) Barbara Shaw – 924*

Jim Burkush – 901


Arthur Beaudry (uncontested)


Ted Gatsas – 942

Joyce Craig – 992*

Ward 10


(i) Bill Barry – 1,039*

Tammy Simmons – 714


(i) John Avard – 918*

Tom McGee – 648


Ted Gatsas – 903

Joyce Craig – 968*

Ward 11


(i) Norm Gamache – 568*

Russ Ouellette – 528


(i) Katie Desrochers – 743*

Alex Avery – 262


Ted Gatsas – 659*

Joyce Craig – 639

Ward 12


(i) Keith Hirschmann – 863*

Hassan Essa – 795


(i) Connie Van Houten – 789

Kelly Thomas – 822*


Ted Gatsas – 872*

Joyce Craig – 858


Scroll through the first document for totals on Keno and the City Flag questions. Scroll through the second document for other ward office results.

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  • P8triotNH

    This is the curse of the conservative view. Conservatism means make the hard decisions now to bring you into a better place in the long run. Liberals want instant gratification and when liberal nutbags lie to people and talk about all the great things they are going to do, the people cave like children grasping for a cookie. I am hopeful that the above democratic winners take their power seriously and do the right things for the long haul, but liberalism is a disease of the mind and a belief that if we just shut our eyes the world will be a better place. I hope their new positions wake them up to reality…. making the world a better place is a lot of hard work and pain, and it does not happen by closing your eyes and pretending the world and all it’s people are the same wonderful people you know. Life is hard, life can be great, but not without sacrifice and thinking about posterity and the future. I truly hope these folks rethink their leftist ideology and use their new power to DO good and do things that make them look good or that sound good. Sometimes making the hard decisions, means you become unpopular… that is the curse of the conservative… speak truth and DO good things and possibly become an outcast. It is a hard burden bare, but we must keep up the fight…. our children are counting on us and we are the last hope for humanities survival.