Election Eve at UNH: Supporters come out for Hillary, Trump, Johnson – and even Bernie

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DURHAM, NH – UNH Journalism students hit the streets to capture the campus activity on Election even as a visit by President Obama created excitement and traffic jams – and even a few headaches for those students more concerned with studying and exams than the Election 2016 sideshow.

Thanks to Meg Heckman for the class assignment, and to her students, for the colorful photo gallery, below. Just click the first image to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.

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  • Paula Iasella

    Green Party was the first to show up at this event (and had the largest presence) supporting their candidate Jill Stein but mostly to support NoDAPL and asking Obama to say “No” to the pipeline. I find it interesting that in this university “photo gallery” there is not one photo of the Green Party. Does this reflect the conservative views of this university?? In any case, this little piece did not tell the complete story right in line with the direction of MSM. Very disappointing.