Election Day 2018: Exercise your right to vote

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I know by now you might be tired of hearing about the upcoming election, receiving campaign mailers, watching political ads online and TV, and having people come to your house asking who you are voting for, but it is almost over. The election is less than one week away and the political madness will only get more intense before November 6th. Most people by now have either been called by a campaign or even had someone stop on their doorstep inquiring about their plan for election day. This election has more and more people out making calls, canvassing, and stuffing envelopes for the candidate they think will represent them best. New Hampshire isn’t the only state which has ramped up political awareness. Most states have seen an influx of political urgency, whether you agree with how your state or the country is being run, or you think the current elected officials have no idea what they are doing. Both sides can agree on one thing: This election is very important.

Most voters tend to focus on the national headlines and big names running for office. Who controls the House of Representatives and Senate in Washington, D.C., seems to be the main focus. Here in the Granite State, not only are we concerned with the Congressional seats but who is elected to sit in Concord as well. State representatives are crucial to how each state governs and we are no exception here. Along with state representatives, we are also electing seats for Executive Council, Governor, State Senators, County Sheriff, County Attorney, County Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Register of Probate, and County Commissioner. Although you might not know what each of those positions do for our state, they are vital to how we govern. I encourage you to find out who is running in your area for each position and where they stand on the issues that matter to you. You may drive by their political sign each day going to work but now is the time to put a face and stance to their brightly-colored political sign.

Besides being an informed voter it is also necessary to be a civil voter during this election cycle, and in general. Our country has seen way too many instances of people behaving irrationally over political differences. We need to realize that it is perfectly normal to disagree with someone else’s views, but it is not OK to get physical because of it. I feel like we have stopped being understanding of others situations and lifestyles. We have decided that we only care about what we need and how we feel. America is an enormous, beautiful, diverse, scenic, and special place where people from all different backgrounds live, work, and play. Not everyone is going to agree with each other and have the same views on how things should get done, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop respecting each other. It seems like politics can get the best of people sometimes and that has to stop right now. Regardless of who you vote for or what you think of who is running for office, at the end of the day we are all in this together. We all want what is best for our state and country.

I hope that regardless of who you support or what your views are that you vote on Tuesday, November 6th. It is crucial to our nation that you exercise your right to vote. I also encourage you to research and read about each candidate before voting because being an informed voter is just as important as voting itself.

Be sure to watch the election results show on November 6th starting at 7:30 p.m. on Manchester Public Television, WMNH 95.3 FM, and streaming on Facebook Live from The Weekly Dion page. The show will feature Ben Dion and Darryl Dion from The Weekly Dion, Ward 3 Alderman Tim Baines, Carol Robidoux from Manchester Ink Link, and Peter White from The Morning Show with Peter White.

Thanks for reading and until next time, live and be happy!


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