Election 2017: Official tallies are in following highest voter turnout since 1999

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MANCHESTER, NH – Official election results are now available on the city’s web page.  A total of 22,830 votes were cast during the Non-Partisan Municipal General Election held on November 7, 2017, at Manchester polls.  This total represents a 40.8 percent turnout of all registered voters in the city, and the highest number of votes cast in a city election since 1999.

No significant changes to outcomes from Tuesday’s election resulted in the final tally of hand-counted ballots.


City ballots also featured two questions – the first seeking approval for Keno in the city of Manchester and the second seeking voter support for one of four options to represent the city as the official flag of Manchester. While Keno received 58 percent of the vote (13,293 “yes” to 8,315 “no”), the current City flag was supported overwhelmingly by over 76 percent of all Manchester voters receiving 17,411 votes on Election Day.

For more election information, visit the city’s Voter Registration and Elections page or call (603)624-6455.

Official Results below:

  • mdak06

    I was not at all impressed by the three selections of proposed flags made by the committee. There must have been some better options in the submissions made.

    Two of the three selections were focused on the “queen city” idea, which I don’t think is helpful. When I think of “queen city” I don’t think of Manchester; I think of Cincinnati, Ohio, or Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Manchester should not try to build an image by taking a concept (“queen city”) that applies to many other cities around the country. In my opinion, building an image around the mill buildings and/or the Merrimack River would be much more sensible.