Dude, where’s my car? 136 cars towed, 38 tickets issued during first snow emergency

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File photo: More than 100 cars were towed during the Feb. 12, 2017 citywide Snow Emergency. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

MANCHESTER, NH – With another snow storm on the radar starting tonight, residents reliant on street parking should make themselves aware of the rules of the snow-covered roads.

According to Manchester Police, 136 cars were towed during the city’s first significant snowfall on Dec. 9, and 38 parking tickets were issued.

A Snow Emergency is designated by the Public Works Department ahead of a plowable snow event to make sure roadways are passable overnight and accessible to emergency vehicles.

Upon declaration of a snow emergency, all vehicles must be removed from both sides of all city streets.  Typically, snow emergencies are in effect from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m, but these hours may be expanded during heavy storms.  Any vehicle in violation will be removed and impounded.

In general, the city follows an odd/even month parking system during winter months to keep roadways passable. Since December is an “even” numbered month (12) overnight parking is allowed only on the EVEN side of the street (based on house numbers). In January (an “odd” month, as in 1) overnight parking will switch to the side of the street with odd-numbers).

Impoundment Information

The city’s impoundment lot is located in Derryfield Park, off of Bridge Street. Proof of ownership and an impoundment fee must be paid in order to recover impounded vehicles. The fee is $110 (cash only) if paid within 24 hours. Additional storage fees will apply to vehicles not recovered within 24 hours.

Off-street Parking Options

The Parking Division makes two locations available for free parking during snow emergencies:

  • Victory Parking Garage, located at Amherst and Chestnut Streets
  • Pearl Street Parking, located off Orange Street between Elm and Chestnut Streets

Note that snow emergency parking at these locations is only permitted from 8 p..m to 8 a.m. of the following morning. Normal parking fees of .75 cents per hour outside of snow emergency times will be enforced and must be paid at the meter in the garage. Currently there is not city sanctioned parking area on the West Side. However, a citywide public Facebook group, Manchester Snow Emergency Parking has been organized to assist people in locating available parking, arranging carpools to city parking garages, etc. Park at your own risk of being towed.

How will you know when it’s a Snow Emergency?

The City announces snow emergencies via the following:

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