Dreaming of a white Christmas? A few flakes may fall today

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MANCHESTER, NH — Yes, there’s a chance of some snow for Christmas Eve — less than an inch in Manchester — but it’s better than nothing, particularly for those who have come to expect a snow-covered city for Christmas.

According to the National Weather Service, which this year has gotten into the probability game, Manchester has a 77 percent chance of a dusting, with a 28 percent chance of an inch of snow, and a 3 percent chance of more than an inch of snowfall for Dec. 24.

Snow graph for Dec 24, 2018. NWS

The Weather Service graph above shows that peak snow probability is around 1 p.m. today, fizzling to nothingness by the time Christmas comes to a close.

Next sign of snow will be Friday Dec. 28, so with any luck, you could be dreaming of a White New Year.

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