District adjusts middle and high school calendars for snow days

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MANCHESTER, NH – Due to the number of snow days in the second quarter of the academic year, the first semester for middle and high school students will end on January 29, instead of January 25. High school mid-term exams will take place on January 24, 25, 26 and 29.

This change also affects the dates of the second semester. The third quarter will begin on January 30 and end on April 6. The fourth quarter will begin on April 9. Unless make-up days are added to the end of the school year because of more weather-related closures, high school final exam dates in June remain as scheduled.

The decision to adjust the calendar was made to account for the number of classroom days lost when school was canceled for snow in recent weeks. There are five “snow days” built into the academic calendar, and Manchester has used four since October.