‘Disruptive’ 7-Eleven customer faces multiple drug charges

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Angel Gonzalez Acevedo
Angel Gonzalez Acevedo

MANCHESTER, NH – Angel Gonzalez Acevedo, 24, of Manchester, was arrested Nov. 20 after police were called to 7-Eleven on Main Street for a disruptive customer complaint.

At 1 a.m. police entered the 7-Eleven and one officer spoke to the clerk while two officers approached Acevedo, who was in the parking lot.

The clerk told police Acevedo had entered the store approximately 15 minutes earlier, and the clerk felt something was amiss. He told police Acevedo seemed unsteady on his feet and had difficulty speaking in coherent sentences. He further advised that Acevedo began knocking items off of the store shelves and refused to vacate the store. The clerk told police Acevedo’s behavior scared away multiple customers, so he called police after the second time Acevedo refused to leave the store.

Police spoke with Acevedo and noted his behavior was consistent with someone possibly under the influence of an illegal substance. As the officer investigated the incident, Acevedo allegedly became non-compliant and attempted to leave the area. Acevedo dropped food and a beverage as the conversation took place and finally decided to leave.

Police advised Acevedo not to leave, but Acevedo had other plans and started to walk away from the two officers. Once this occurred, one of the officers took hold of Acevedo’s arm and again advised him not to vacate the area until the completion of the investigation. A struggle ensued between Acevedo and the two officers, who took Acevedo down to the ground. Acevedo allegedly remained combative and noncompliant, according to police. He was eventually subdued with a Taser.

Officers allegedly located a variety of drugs on Acevedo, including 5  grams of crack-cocaine, 1.2 grams of heroin and an assortment of six different prescription pills. He was charged with possession of a controlled drug (crack cocaine); possession of a narcotic drug (heroin); possession of a narcotic drug with intent to distribute; criminal trespass; and resisting arrest/detention. Acevedo was treated for an overdose and was later transported back to police headquarters to complete the booking process.

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