Dilapidated benches: The Devil is in the details

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Twisted bench at City Hall.

It is a small thing in a city the size of Manchester. And yet, something as seemingly small as a twisted bench at City Hall plaza can leave you feeling a little down about the overall impression the Queen City is making on first-time visitors.

Or perhaps, even worse, for those who see the same sad things every day.

This bench at City Hall Plaza has been twisted at both ends, and there are rusted spots due to the damaged.

Case in point: There are some black benches in need of fixing – or maybe replacing. As you can see by the photographs, they have been bent enough that there are rusty spots where the metal has been damaged. Again, a small thing. But part of why we pay taxes and employ people in our Public Works department is to take care of the routine maintenance items that, left unfixed, begin to give the impression that nobody cares. As they say, the devil of disrepair is in the details. Let’s fix this!

Let’s Fix This is a recurring feature that brings attention to things around the city that could use a fix. Got one? Send a photo and a brief explanation to robidouxnews@gmail.com and we’ll add it to the site.

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