Detectives, unite: You have until Oct. 30 to participate in ‘Clue in the Park’ and win!

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MANCHESTER, NH – City Parks and Rec and the folks at the City Library have teamed up to create an engaging activity that you can do with plenty of social distancing – and fun.

Clue in the Park is a detective mission for those who chose to accept it. All the details are below, including the clue checklist. Activity runs until Oct. 30.

As you make your way from park to park, see if you can figure out the who, where and how – who swiped the original 1850s book stamp from the library, where they hid it and how they did it. Once you solve the mystery, email your answers to The first three people to send in the correct answer will win a gift certificate to a book store.

Please note: Do NOT remove clues from the parks. They have been placed there for everyone to have a shot, and if you remove the clue, well, that’s not very sportsmanlike!

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