Defendent in fatal shooting trial returns to parking lot outside The Goat, along with jury

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John Delee, left, escorted by deputies from Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office, walks the parking lot where the fatal shooting of Timothy Pouliot took place on Jan. 28, 2023. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

MANCHESTER, NH – Sheriffs from Hillsborough County closed off Old Granite Street Wednesday morning at about 10 a.m. to make way for a school bus filled with jurors.

John Delee is the defendant in the January 2023 fatal shooting of Timothy Pouliot. He faces two alternative counts of second-degree murder and one count of reckless conduct.

His defense team claims Delee acted in self-defense and should be found not guilty of murder.

The jurors stepped off the bus at the west end of the street where they were then led through the different areas of the parking lot outside the Goat Bar and Grille and SOHO bar. Prosecutors and defense attorneys pointed to where video cameras are located that captured the events that night that led up to the fatal shooting.

As Delee walked with one of the defense team he was flanked by Sheriff’s deputies. When the jurors and Delee approached the area where the final shooting occurred Delee appeared to become emotional, his lip quivered and his eyes became glassy as he looked away from the camera.

After about 30 minutes jurors were led back to the bus and returned to the courthouse for a continuation of the trial.

Testimony on Wednesday included police officers, detectives and a woman who had interactions in the bar with both Delee and Pouliot.

The courtroom was filled with observers – family and friends of the victim on one side, and the people supporting the defendant on the other. Pouliot’s relatives were emotional as photos of Pouliot’s body were displayed, including the gun used in the shooting and items that Pouliot had in his pocket at the time of his death.

A detective who had gathered evidence spoke about the items collected. On cross-examination, he was asked if ammunition was still in the magazine and eventually agreed there could have been four rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber.

At the end of the day after jurors were taken from the courtroom several people yelled “we love you J,” as Delee was removed from the courtroom to return to jail.

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