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Ideal Health

MANCHESTER, NH – Meet Stephanie Edwards, owner of Ideal Health on Cilley Road in Manchester, front and center in today’s Business Spotlight!

Q: Tell us a little bit about your business – what makes it unique?At Ideal Health, our clients follow the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, which focuses not just on weight loss, but on the lifestyle changes needed to maintain your results after dieting. These two pillars, weight loss and lifestyle change, are at the heart of what makes our program unique. This is a scientifically proven diet that is safe with predictable, measurable and repeatable results!

Stephanie Edwards, owner, Ideal Health
Stephanie Edwards, owner, Ideal Health

Q: What is your back story (the highlights reel), as in how did you get where you are right now?

From an early age, I was taught to be health conscious growing up on a local working farm. I actively played team sports in my teenage and college years and still enjoy an active lifestyle and exercise regularly.

I became interested in sports nutrition and started body building training after my second child was born in 1992. I have been a health enthusiast for 23 years now and Ideal Health only fuels my passion.

My partner and I have personally gone through the protocol ourselves, after visiting friends, who had been successful on the program in Connecticut. Because of the success we had on the program, we decided that it would be great to help others experience the same results. Therefore, we opened Ideal Health, an authorized Ideal Protein clinic, in 2011 and I became a Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach.  I have completed the extensive Training and Protocol Program through Ideal Protein training conferences, taught by members of the Ideal Protein Scientific Board (consisting of doctors, cardiologist, and a pharmacist).

Q: With all the competition out there, what sets Ideal Health apart in its approach to weight loss?

The science behind the program sets us apart. We believe it is important to really understand the basics of weight loss – how your body’s metabolism works and the way food affects your weight loss efforts. The protocols of the program help my clients reach their ultimate goal of long-term weight loss and maintenance. Once you have reached your weight loss goal, we do not abandon you!  Our clients enjoy continued on going one-on-one support.

Q: Why is doing what you do so important to you?

The older I get, the more I realize that we are responsible for our own health and well- being. There is no quick fix for the health problems that we face. I have always felt that weight loss is more than just a matter of looking good, but feeling good. It is about buying the clothes you want to wear, not just the ones that fit, and being able to do the little things in life that many people take for granted.   It is all about lifestyle change. I am very dedicated to helping people achieve their goals naturally.

Q: What’s one thing about your business/services that may surprise people?

How quickly our clients are able to reach their weight loss goals without hunger issues. Many participants are able to reduce or eliminate current medications that have been prescribed to them by their treating physicians.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the job?  

Being able to empower clients to change their unhealthy lifestyles and motivating them to stay on track. Along the way, I also get to celebrate my clients’ success and to see their mind-body confidence and self-esteem return as they see themselves getting into smaller sizes and once-forbidden styles. I absolutely love to witness it happening.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of running a business like yours?

One of the most challenging aspects is keeping clients motivated and on track. Weight loss can be a personal and touchy subject; therefore, you cannot push someone to lose weight. They have to decide when the time is right for them.

At some point, giving advice is necessary when working with a weight-loss client. My goal is to provide this advice without telling, correcting, or making my client feel as though he or she is doing something wrong and that also can be challenging.

Q: How can people find out more about your business, and are you running any specials?

You can find out more by visiting my website (, liking my Facebook page (, or calling (603) 206-5846 to reserve a spot at our weekly educational workshop held on Monday nights from 7 -8 p.m. Anyone who mentions seeing this bio or my ad on Manchester Ink Link will receive 20 percent off their initial consultation fee.

Q: What are your hours and location?  

Our hours are typically Monday – Thursday, noon- 6 p.m. Any other times are by appointment only. We are located at 345 Cilley Road, Manchester, New Hampshire.

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