Dec. 4-5: Cal Ripken 2020 Tree Sale and how we are going to bat for Families in Transition!

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As this wild 2020 Covid-19 year draws to an end, we celebrate that we were able to provide our players with a safe baseball season.   It might seem small, but for some, this was the only activity that brought some sort of normal to their life.  We did what we had to do to get our kids out on the field.

Each year we have held our Christmas tree sales and raffle to help raise money for the league.  Over the years we have donated portions of our sales or trees to community programs and this year is no different.  This year we are helping to raise money and needed items for FAMILIES IN TRANSITION (FIT).   Giving back to our Queen City Community is what it’s about for many of us.  We look to share our commitment to giving back with our players.  Our baseball family is not just during baseball season, it is all year long.

In addition to a monetary donation to FIT, we will be collecting the following items during our Christmas Tree Sales (December 4, 5-9 p.m.; December 5,  9 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m.-12 p.m.):

Agency wide current high needs 

*All items must be brand new.

1. N95 Masks                                                       6. Broom + dust pan

2. Travel size shampoo and conditioner                 7. Sweatpants/mens and womens

3. Mens & womens underwear                              8. Sweatshirts/mens and womens

4. Mens and womens razors                                    9. Coffee

5. Garbage can w/lid 13 gal                                   10. Diapers size 1, 5, 6, Newborn and wipes


Agency wide ongoing needs  

Garbage can w/lid 13 gal                  Toothbrushes                 Tuna

Mop/bucket (household size)             Toothpaste                     Beans

Shower curtain/rings                          Backpacks                     Healthy Snacks                        

Broom/dustpan                                   Ponchos                        Canned vegetables

Sponges                                               Bras                               Pasta

Liquid laundry detergent                     Soap                              Rice

Magic Eraser                                      Deodorant                        Canned fruit

Dish soap                                           Diapers 1, 5 and 6            Non-dairy creamer

Trash bags( 13 gal)                            Wipes (refill bags)          Coffee                                                                                    

Toilet brush                                        Feminine hygiene            Sugar

Adult coloring books/pencils

We ask all of our players and parents and extended family to help us where you can.  Buy a tree?  Buy raffle tickets?  Donate Money?  Donate food or clothing items?

Those players donating items: can goods or clothes items to the cause will be given a little token of our appreciation for helping us out.

Our Raffle area will have table of items to take chances on and we are raffling off a Handmade Quilt (100 Tickets for sale at $10/each).

0?ui=2&ik=6652e81a40&attid=0.0Our Trees are fairly priced at $50.   We offer free delivery as well as pre-order.

To donate a raffle item, to donate money to FIT, to pre-order a tree please contact :

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