Dear Sharon: My wife’s emotional needs are weighing on me – how do I find more balance?

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Dear Sharon,

During these unprecedented times we’re in, I find my wife needs more emotional support and reassurance now more than ever. It’s hard to balance my own needs vs. what she needs. I love her dearly and will do anything for her, but also need to protect myself. Any advice on how to give her the support she needs while taking care of my own needs?

A loving husband.

Dear Loving Husband,

You are not alone, and I applaud you for caring enough to reach out; and most of all for loving her so much that you will do what it takes to be supportive. It’s so difficult to know how to balance being supportive with self-care.

I bet you’re doing better at this balancing act than you think you are.  My advice is to keep supporting her the best way you know how, but always make sure that you are balancing her needs with your own; ie: schedule physical activity for yourself, schedule alone time for yourself, friend time, etc. so that you know when those times are coming up; and perhaps use a wall or shared online calendar so that she can physically see your plans. I bet she will respect your plans and your need for balance, and it will fall into place organically from there on out.

Wishing you and your wife more days of peace and comfort as you navigate these times.

All the best,  Sharon

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