Dear Sharon: Is love blind?

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My cousin, whom I respect and admire, told me I should see the series on Netflix called “Love is Blind.” I had seen it listed but had no plan to watch it thinking it would be a silly reality show and I only watch non-silly reality shows…really, Sharon? Is that even a thing? 

Anyway, since I’m in the love biz, she felt I should see it. I obliged and watched season one in its entirety. The show says it’s a social experiment which made me feel better about spending time watching it; after all, who doesn’t want to know about the experiment?! The show is a matchmaking/dating show with the caveat that the couples don’t ever see one another while dating with a wall between them. Hence the title, “Love is Blind.” After numerous dates with numerous suitors, each person appeared to fall in love, sight unseen. A proposal happens, they meet as they dash into each other’s arms all hearts a-flutter. So far, so good. 

Now they are sent off to live together in a small apartment to see if they still mesh in the real world. Are they truly still attracted to their fiance, now that they are out of the private rooms aka pods. Here’s what happened: 

Three couples are NOT attracted to their fiance in terms of physicality and can’t take the next step, which occurs in bed. Ultimately, they each dress in wedding attire, meet at an altar with family and friends witnessing it and have to answer “I  do” or “I don’t” YIKES !!!! The devastation that the “I don’t” couples experienced was heartbreaking to watch, while three of the couples said “I do” and became a  married couple. One of the “I don’t” couples ended up meeting up after the show ended and are currently dating.  

At the absolute end, the couples were asked by the hosts, “is love blind?” They all said yes, but I have to disagree. I watched three couples walk away because of non-attraction, which tells me it is not blind. Television will always come up with new shows to keep us glued to it…it’s kind of a crapshoot I discover each time I look for something fun, new or cool to stream, but usually I can locate what  I’m looking for and if not, there’s always a good book sitting right there.

As for  “Love is Blind,” I think I’m finished with it.  

No love lost. 

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