Dear Sharon: I’m a serial flirty hubby: How can I convince my wife I’m trustworthy?

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Dear Sharon, 

I’m a 50-year-old happily married man, and I happen to have some close – but platonic – friends of the opposite sex; and flirting is part of my nature. How do I convince my partner that I’m faithful? 


I’m innocent 

Dear Innocent, 

First of all, I’m glad to know that you are happily married. That in and of itself is wonderful. I understand your dilemma, as I have a  gregarious husband; perhaps similar to yourself. One way to give your partner peace of mind would be to host a gathering; out or at home and invite some of these opposite-sex friends of yours. It will likely not be all at once, but here and there toss it in your schedule so that your partner can actually see the relationship in action and be able to understand the camaraderie of it all up close. 

If this idea isn’t feasible for you, consider an honest conversation with your partner, explaining what you’ve said to me, only in more detail. At the same time, maybe – just maybe – pull back a bit on the flirtation to ease your partner’s mind.

Another idea is to romance your partner a bit more than usual which will probably tighten your connection and cause less reason for doubt. Madly-in-love couples have less of a chance of doubting the integrity of the relationship they are in.

I sure hope this helps and that you can do one or more of what I’ve suggested. We all need some reassurance now and then, right?

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