Dear Sharon: April showers and trusting the universe

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No mud, no lotus…

It’s said that from all things awkward or uncomfortable, messy or less than pleasant comes the fruit, the light and the wonderful.
April for instance… we know that April showers bring May flowers, right?
Today I’m celebrating my 28th anniversary to my husband who I met a couple of years after my first marriage ended. No one wants to see their marriage end, but sometimes the storms of life are hard to weather. Sometimes you do the best you can and still, it’s not enough. Letting go is never easy, but it’s in the letting go that we become free enough to discover the next chapter; it’s all part of life’s journey. I believe that destiny played a part in this story. I believe in fate and destiny – and a lot of patience.
To attain your ultimate goal,  I suggest the following steps:
1. Make a list
2. Check it twice
3. Meditate – how do you do this, you ask? Truth be told, I just finished my third year of practice with mindful meditation so I’m going to shortcut it – sit comfortably, eyes closed, and breathe. In and out nice and slow. Focus on your goals and the rest will come. It’s organic.
4. Check in with yourself – how’s it going? Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel?
5. Know this – the things you really want are going to take time and patience to attain, and a daily practice of concentrating on what it is you really want.  And listen, if you get it, and you realize it’s not what you really wanted after all, that’s okay. Trust me, there will be another goal before you know it.
No mud, no lotus. Repeat that.

Believe. Trust. The Universe has your back.

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Dear Sharon

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Dear Sharon has 20 years experience with couples in love, or who wish they were in love.  She has made it her life’s work to join together those in love, legally or otherwise and has, to date, officiated 460 marriages. With Sharon’s natural instinct for love and relationships and the things that make them, and a kind and open heart, your submissions will be treated with respect and clarity.