Data lovers, rejoice: State Dept. of Ed updates iPlatform data for all NH schools

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Example of how to access the iReport data for all of Manchester’s schools using the portal.

CONCORD, NH — The New Hampshire Department of Education today released the latest school accountability data on its iPlatform data portal. The department recently uploaded 2018-2019 Federal Accountability data.

Individuals can access school, district, and state report cards through iReport at

“The report cards include important data points for schools and districts, including measures of student academic achievement and growth, college and career readiness indicators, and school environment indicators,” explained Dr. Nate Greene, Administrator of the Bureau of Educational Opportunities within the New Hampshire Department of Education.

New features include a drop-down date selector, which has been added so that individuals can toggle between the previous 2017-18 data and the new 2018-19 data.  Additional data is also included on the Educator Profiles page, including the percent of classes taught by educators on an intern or emergency authorization and the average teacher salary. A new Finance page has also been added to the report cards, and will be updated with district-level financial information in mid to late December.

iExplore allows users to visualize and compare school performance data.

iDefine includes a Data Dictionary to help users navigate the portal.

“Good information leads to better decisions,” said Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut. “iPlatform provides transparency and accountability, giving educators, school officials, and parents the information they need to help provide bright futures for New Hampshire students.”

Questions regarding the data included in the report cards should be directed to (603) 271-5252 or