Dads Rock! So Do These Gifts For Father’s Day!

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Dads rock, they are there to give advice about women, show us how to fish, and change the oil in a car. So it’s only fitting that we give our dads a great gift for Father’s Day. There is no better way to show your dad appreciation than to give him a cool gift that doesn’t involve a tie or a T-shirt. Below is a list of cool gifts that any father is sure to appreciate!

Harry’s Razors/ShaveFace

It takes dedication to keep up a handlebar mustache for over 40 years (my dad’s hasn’t changed from the picture above) what better way to help keep it looking trim and proper than with a shave set from Harry’s. Their quality razors are developed in Germany and offer a smooth effortless shave. The handles are comfortable to hold and feel like a part of your body. Pair the razor with their shave gel and post-shave balm and you have a knock out combo to tackle any facial hair.

To complement Harry’s razor I would also throw in a strop from ShaveFace the strop is elegant and looks good in any bathroom decor, it allows you to sharpen your razor before each use and will make his blade last up to 500 percent longer — we all know how expensive blades can be so not only are you saving your dad money he will look good as well.

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Braven Audio

If your dad is a music junkie and loves to hear his tunes on crisp audio than you should check out the speakers from Braven. These speakers will blow all other speakers away with their crisp sound, deep bass, and Bluetooth ready technology, and many of their products are shock and waterproof so they are ready to take on any adventure.

If your dad likes to host outdoor parties or tailgate at the big game than the Braven XXL is the speaker for him, this beast of a machine will take him back to the days of boom boxes, but this is no ordinary boom box, the XXL is packed with quadruple audio drivers that push big sound out of both sides of the cabinet, with a huge 15,000mAh battery it can keep the party going for up to 14 hours and still charge his phone. The built-in microphone jack is a nice touch allowing him to emcee the party!

Blink Home Security

It’s dad’s job to check that sound in the middle of the night when mom hears something in the kitchen, With Blink there is no need to get out of bed. All dad has to do is check the camera on his phone to know that the cat jumped up on the counter again and knocked over a glass. The blink system is practically flawless: it’s super small and easy to setup, it can be set up quickly and easily through the app on your phone. They have both an exterior and interior camera and will soon be releasing a video doorbell so you can see who’s at your door before answering, even if you are not home. It’s completely wireless and best of all it runs on 2 AA batteries which last up to two years before needing to be replaced.

Lawson Hammocks

If your dad loves the outdoors whether it’s camping or just relaxing at the lake, this hammock from Lawson Hammocks is sure to please. Their Blue Ridge Camping Hammock serves as both a tent and a hammock — you get the comfort of a hammock suspended between two trees, and the convenience of a tent with arched poles that support a bug net and rain fly. No matter where your dad takes this hammock,  it is sure to be the topic of discussion, and best of all, it packs away into its own stuff sack.

Greenworks Tools

What Father’s day is complete without tools, and as our fathers get older we get more concerned about them tripping over cords or not being strong enough to start the lawnmower. Greenworks offers a wide selection of battery operated tools from drills and circular saws to snowblowers and cultivators. They offer battery options up to 80 volts for maximum power and life, plus offer a 4-year warranty which is No.1 in its class. Dad can now manicure his entire property without having to fill gas cans, pull cords, or trip over extension cords, making him safe so mom doesn’t have to worry as much.

Rowenta Pure Air Purifier

Really? A Purifier? Yes but this isn’t any ordinary purifier. Spring is here and with it, brings pollen — which brings allergies. This air purifier from Rowenta Is the king of all purifiers. It has four different filters including an active carbon filter, a HEPA Filter and a specific filter that captures and extinguishes formaldehyde (which no other filter on the market does). It’s super quiet and unlike most filters that need to be replaced every six months to be efficient, the majority of the filters in Rowenta last 3-5 years. So now your mom and your dad can be sniffle-free this allergy season, which is a win-win for everybody.

SoClean CPAP Cleaner

If your father uses a CPAP machine at night to help him sleep he knows how it can be difficult to keep the machine clean. It takes in room air and blows it back into his face, mix that with humidification and you have yourself a contaminated situation with potential mold and mildew build up. Yeah, he might take it in the shower with him to clean the hose and mask but is it REALLY CLEAN?

The SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer uses Ozone technology to sanitize and kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and mold. Ozone Technology means no chemicals or water, so besides changing a filter every 6 months it’s practically maintenance free. The whole system is automated; you set the clock, then set the time you want the cleaning to take place, pop your mask in the bucket and it takes care of itself. In two hours you have a clean sanitized mask ready for bedtime.

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Bosch 12V Brushless 3/8in. Drill/Driver

Our dads are considered the “Handy Men” of the house when something needs to be hung up, fixed or tightened we call dad. The Brushless Drill/Driver from Bosch will become his go-to tool for small/odd jobs around the house. It will give him plenty of versatility and power to handle anything from hanging pictures to building shelves. It’s super lightweight (2lbs), feels great in the hand, and the battery lasts a long time with the brushless motor. The built-in LED light is a great addition for working in darker areas. What’s best is with its minimal size and design he can keep it the main part of the house and not have to always go out to the garage or basement to get his drill. He will surely be impressed with this new tool in his arsenal.

Adidas Outdoor

If your dad loves to explore the outdoors having good quality gear is essential. That’s why getting clothing and footwear from Adidas Outdoor is a simple choice. Their clothing offers the latest technologies and durability that will outlast any excursion. I have their Wandertag GTX Jacket and it is the BEST raincoat I have ever owned. I have owned a lot from top brands and this one is truly top notch. It breathes well in even the most humid conditions and during heavy steady downpours, I was bone dry underneath. Pair that with their multi pant and he has an awesome one, two punch that can handle any weather that may come his way.


These are just some ideas you can use to get the perfect gift for your father this Father’s day. Besides, fathers are the coolest dudes on the planet so why not get them a gift that’s just as cool as they are!


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