Crash victim gives thanks to rescuers from hospital bed following harrowing accident

Derrick Vossbrinnk shook each and every hand of those who rescued him from the wreckage.

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Derrick Vossbrinnk, still recovering from injuries sustained in an accident, shakes hands with District Fire Chief Michael Gamache, on behalf of all who assisted in his rescue. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

MANCHESTER, NH – Derrick Vossbrinnk was pinned in his pick-up truck  on April 25, 2017, after a tractor-trailer lost control on Interstate 93 at the 293 ramp southbound and crossed the median, crushing Vossbrinnk’s truck. His 4-year-old daughter was in the back seat of the pick-up truck and, miraculously, was unharmed. But because he was pinned in the wreckage, Vossbrinnk, 30, of Merrimack, couldn’t get to her to comfort her, or help her during the frightening ordeal.
But Manchester firefighters and rescuers arrived quickly, and worked diligently to free Vossbrinnk after making sure his daughter was safe. Vossbrinnk wanted to personally shake each and every hand of those who spent more than an hour getting him out of the truck and transporting him to the trauma center.
He reached out to District Chief Michael Gamache who made it happen. He organized the crews for a field trip May 15 to Elliot Hospital for the happy reunion. Members of Engines 3, 9, 11, Truck 7, Rescue 1, and AMR were all in the room to meet with Vossbrinnk, his parents, and his daughter.
Rescuers reunion: First responders gathered at Derrick Vossbrinnk’s bedside at the Elliot Hospital. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

Vossbrinnk continues to recover from extensive injuries sustained in the crash, including damage to his shoulder, pelvis, and legs. He was set to be leaving the Elliot May 16 to begin rehabilitation. Although he has a long road to full recovery ahead, thanking those who came to his rescue was the best medicine for Vossbrinnk, who is lucky to be alive, according to Gamache.

 “We try to make a difference in people’s lives, and maybe half-a-dozen times a year we get people who want to meet with the rescuers,” Gamache said to Vossbrinnk. “It means as much to us as it does to you. Unfortunately, we see a lot of incidents that don’t have as positive an outcome as this one did. We’re just happy our efforts make a difference, and we wish you the best of luck.”