Craig says ReGen Valley recognized by federal government

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Joyce Craig on June 6, 2023. Photo/Andrew Sylvia

MANCHESTER, NH – The Biden Administration on Monday announced that Southern New Hampshire ‘ReGen Valley’ has been selected as one of 31 Regional Technology Hubs by the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

The application was led by Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) and the region, which includes both Manchester and Nashua,  selected out of 370 applications from 49 states. Both the City of Manchester and the City of Nashua are members of the winning ‘ReGen Valley’ Consortium, and in response to this announcement, Manchester Mayor Joyce and Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess issued the following statements:

“The City of Manchester was glad to join as a member of the ReGen Valley Consortium, and are proud partners in unlocking the immense potential that our region holds,” said Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig. “We are grateful to be home to Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute, and we look forward to continuing to act as a facilitator for collaboration across sectors, contributing to a thriving industry that benefits not only New Hampshire, but the entire nation and world. Thank you to all the members of our Consortium, our Congressional Delegation, and the Economic Development Administration for your continued investment in our communities.”

“Nashua is eager to work with the Consortium to build a more prosperous Southern New Hampshire,” added Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess. “When we build upon our individual successes, we strengthen our regional capacity to be a leader in these industries. We look forward to working collectively, and we are immensely thankful for this opportunity.”

In their selection of the ReGen Valley, the Economic Development Administration called out the City of Manchester’s successful $44m Build Back Better Regional Challenge Award as a key factor in the region’s designation. Stating that:

“The ReGen Valley Tech Hub, led by the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI), aims to make New Hampshire a global leader in biofabrication to produce cost-effective regenerative therapies that address chronic disease and organ failure. Amidst growing commercial demand for these therapies and building on a recent EDA Build Back Better Regional Challenge award, this Tech Hub seeks to advance biofabrication-related therapies, invest in manufacturing facilities, and incubate technology startups to secure domestic regenerative therapy development and biofabrication.”

Throughout the selection process, Mayor Craig and Mayor Donchess have been vocal in support of the Southern New Hampshire application for Phase 1 of the Economic Development Administration (EDA) Regional Tech Hubs program.

In August, Mayor Craig wrote:

As the Mayor of Manchester, I am proud to lead a city that is at the forefront of biofabrication and supporting technologies. Our city has already made significant strides in this field, and we are committed to fostering an ecosystem that propels the biofabrication industry to new heights. The Southern New Hampshire proposal, championed by ARMI and supported by a dedicated consortium, aligns perfectly with our vision to become a global leader in the biomanufacturing of cell-based therapies.

Our city’s unique role within the consortium stems from our unwavering dedication to inclusive economic development. As the lead applicant for the region’s successful Build Back Better Regional Challenge award, the City of Manchester brought together representatives from across industry, higher education, transportation, and government to create a cohesive vision for economic development in the City and region. As a result of this collaboration, the Coalition was awarded $44m from the Economic Development Administration to support our biofabrication industry cluster, and the City of Manchester became the only city in the nation to be the lead applicant for a successful application.

Mayor Donchess added:

The City [of Nashua] continues to grow, reinvent and reinvigorate itself in response to ever changing economic trends and challenges, much as it has always done since its establishment some 350 years ago.  Once a leader in textile manufacturing, the local economy has transformed into one that emphasized the development of electrical equipment, computer and machinery manufacturing.  In more recent years, information and technology, software development, aero-defense, along with research and development, telecommunications, robotics and medical devices have blossomed into key industries, so we are strategically positioned to support the growth of the biomanufacturing industry in nearby Manchester, as well as any complementary industries.

The City strives to build and maintain strong, dynamic relationships with its business community and fosters opportunities for existing business development and expansion, continued tax base improvements, new business recruitment programs, and efforts to maintain the integrity and desirability of all existing neighborhoods. Crucial to this success is the City’s continuous investments in infrastructure. Nashua has made significant strides in addressing the housing shortage with almost 2,000 units in the development process and nearly twice that in the pre-development phase. The area is home to a broad base of leading international corporations including, Oracle, BAE Systems, Dell, Fidelity Investments, Benchmark Electrical, Amphenol and many others. The City of Nashua is well suited to supporting international companies and their families.


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