Craig: ‘I have a record of bringing people together to solve problems’

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Open Letter to from Mayoral Candidate Joyce Craig

On Tuesday, November 3, voters across Manchester head to the polls to cast their ballot for the next Mayor of Manchester. There is much at stake this election and we need to elect a leader who will effectively deal with our pressing problems.

I love Manchester and know that we can improve our schools, keep our streets safe, and curb the growing drug epidemic if we work with others and bring new ideas to the table. Ted Gatsas has repeatedly squandered opportunities for growth by losing $9.8 million of revenue from our sending towns, by vetoing grant money to hire more police officers despite a rise in crime, and by failing to market our city well to attract new business. Our families have vacated to surrounding towns, progress in Manchester has stalled and ultimately our residents and taxpayers have suffered.

As an Alderman, I worked to hire more police officers, banned the dangerous drug Spice, and helped make full day kindergarten a reality. Manchester needs a leader who has the experience, ability, and temperament to bring people together to solve the many challenges facing our community, and that’s why I am running for Mayor.

As Mayor, I would put forward a responsible budget under the tax cap, as required by the City Charter. I would work collaboratively with the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, School Board, and department heads to finalize a fiscally responsible budget that ensures our critical priorities are met, including strong public schools, safe streets, addressing the heroin crisis, and improving our infrastructure in order to ensure that Manchester is a city that attracts families and businesses.

I am running for Mayor because as a former School Board Member, Alderman, marketing executive and mother, I have a record of bringing people together to solve problems, and that is exactly the kind of leadership that Manchester needs. For the past six years, we have seen what happens when confrontation is favored over collaboration.  It’s time for Manchester to start moving in the right direction and that change must begin in the Mayor’s office. I respectfully ask for your vote tomorrow and together we can move the city we love forward.

Joyce Craig

Candidate for Mayor of Manchester

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