Craig campaign announces 160 new endorsements

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Joyce Craig on July 12. Photo/Andrew Sylvia

MANCHESTER, N.H. – On Sunday, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Joyce Craig provided a new list of endorsements, seen below.

State and Local Elected Officials and Party Leaders

Senator Debra Altschiller, Stratham
Senator Rebecca Perkins-Kwoka, Portsmouth
Senator David Watters, Dover
DNC Committee Member Joanne Dowdell, Portsmouth
Former State Senator Bob Bossie, New Castle

Former State Senator David Gottesman, Nashua
Former State Senator Melanie Levesque, Brookline
Former House Democratic Leader & Selectman Jim Craig, Goffstown
Former Manchester Mayor Sylvio Dupuis, Manchester
Former Portsmouth Mayor Bob Lister, Portsmouth
Former NHDP Chair Ned Helms, Concord
Former US Congressman Chet Atkins, Hancock
Rep. Dick Ames, Jaffrey
Rep. Ben Baroody, Manchester
Rep. Efstathia Booras, Nashua
Rep. Don Bouchard, Manchester
Rep. Amanda Bouldin, Manchester
Rep. Amy Bradley, Manchester
Rep. Karen Calabro, Hollis
Rep. Corinne Cascadden, Berlin
Rep. Jacqueline Chretien, Manchester
Rep. Will Darby, Nashua
Rep. Linda DiSilvestro, Manchester
Rep. Damond Ford, Manchester
Rep. Mary Freitas, Manchester
Rep. Jeff Goley, Manchester
Rep. Alicia Gregg, Nashua
Rep. Jessica Grill, Manchester
Rep. Gaby Grossman, Exeter
Rep. Heidi Hamer, Manchester
Rep. Chris Herbert, Manchester
Rep. Marty Jack, Nashua
Rep. Jean Jeudy, Manchester
Rep. Judi Lanza, Goffstown
Rep. Nicole Leapley, Manchester
Rep. Dan Leclerc, Amherst
Rep. Rebecca McBeath, Portsmouth
Rep. Ben Ming, Hollis
Rep. Candace Moulton, Manchester
Rep. Mel Myler, Contoocook
Rep. Sue Newman, Nashua
Rep. Ray Newman, Nashua
Rep. Sharon Nordgren, Hanover
Rep. Frances Nutter-Upham, Nashua
Rep. Michael O’Brien, Nashua
Rep. Maria Perez, Milford
Rep. Peter Petrigno, Milford
Rep. Marc Plamondon, Nashua
Rep. David Preece, Manchester
Rep. Catherine Rombeau, Bedford
Rep. Juliet Smith, Manchester
Rep. Carry Spier, Nashua
Rep. Jared Sullivan, Bethlehem
Rep. Trinidad Tellez, Manchester
Rep. Susan Treleaven, Dover
Rep. Mark Vallone, Epping
Rep. Stephen Woodcock, Center Conway
Former State Rep. Wendy Chase, Laconia
Former State Rep. Jane Clemons, Nashua
Former State Rep. Diane Langley, Manchester
Former State Rep. Maureen Manning, Manchester
Former State Rep. Liz McConnell, Brentwood
Former State Rep. Sue Mullen, Bedford
Former State Rep. Mary Jane Mulligan, Hanover
Former State Rep. Israel Piedra, Manchester
Former State Rep. Marjorie Porter, Hillsborough
Former State Rep. Steven Rand, Plymouth
Former State Rep. Tim Smith, Manchester
Former State Rep. Ken Snow, Manchester
Former State Rep. Connie Van Houten, Manchester
Former State Rep. Kermit Williams, Wilton
School Board-at-Large Peter Argeropoulos, Manchester
School Board Member Ben Dion, Manchester
School Board Member Gary Hamer, Manchester
School Board Member Bob McLean, Gilford
School Board Member Sean Parr, Manchester
School board member Peter Perich, Manchester
School Board Member Chris Potter, Manchester
School Board Member Shane Rozamus, Goffstown
School Board Member Karen Soule, Manchester
School Board Member Julie Turner, Manchester
School Board Member Leslie Want, Manchester
Selectman Katrin Kasper, Lee
Town Councilor Mackenzie Murphy, Merrimack
Alderman Jim Burkush, Manchester
Alderman Christine Fajardo, Manchester
Alderman Norm Gamache, Manchester
Former NHDP Executive Director Sean Doyle, Manchester
Former Registrar of Probate Elizabeth Ropp, Manchester
Former School Board Member Kass Ardinger, Concord
Former School Board Member Mary Georges, Manchester
Former School Board Member Dian McCarthy, Goffstown
Former Concord City Councilor Rob Werner, Concord

Labor Leaders

Jeremy Allen, Epping
Eric Batchelor, Farmington
Evan Czyzowski, Hopkinton
Jeff Duval, Manchester
Gary Hoffman, Nashua
Karen Ladd, Hopkinton
Billy Lang, Derry
Phil Leary, Exeter
Mike Smith, Alton Bay

Community and Business Leaders

Former Education Commissioner Virginia Barry, Bristol
Former President, NH Police Association Patrick Cheetham, Bedford
Toula Barber, Manchester
Lisa Beaudoin, Concord
Mariana Beer, Pembroke
Vivian Beer, Pembroke
Elliott Berry, Manchester
Luke Bonner, Concord
Mary Breasted Smyth, Tamworth
Hon. John Broderick, Manchester
James Butler, Portsmouth
Linda Capuchino, Manchester
Gary Casinghino, Lincoln
Denise Casinghino, Lincoln
Eva Castillo, Manchester
James Chase, Hooksett
John Clayton, Manchester
Tanna Clews, Portsmouth
Bruno D’Britto, Nashua
Bob Duclos, Bedford
Jaye Gibson Duffy, Manchester
Patrick Duffy, Manchester
Col. Peter Duffy (Retired), Manchester
Mary Lynn Edwards, Manchester
Peter Flood, Merrimack
Jameson French, Portsmouth
Mike Gamache, Goffstown
Eric Goodwin, Alton Bay
Matty Gregg, Nashua
Campbell Harvey, Manchester
Dick Hopkins, Hanover
Pat Kalik, Manchester
Will Kanteres, Manchester
Viola Katusiime, Concord
Leon LaFreniere, Concord
Bjorn Lange, Concord
Sudi Lett, Manchester
Meryl Levin, Manchester
Laurie McCray, Portsmouth
Paul McDonough, Lebanon
Elie Merheb, Derry
Bob Mongan, Manchester
Maria Mongan, Manchester
Hon. Jim Muirhead, Manchester
Kathy Muirhead, Manchester
Leslie Nixon, New Boston
Lee Nyquist, New Boston
Colin Pio, Manchester
Al Poulin, Lincoln
Janet Prince, Portsmouth
Devan Quinn, Portsmouth
Alan Raff, Manchester
Alex Ray, Ashland
Alan Reische, Manchester
Joan Reische, Manchester
Deidre Reynolds, Nashua
Kristin Ross, Piermont
Cristina Rousseau, Grantham
Connie Roy-Czyzowski, Manchester
JoAnne St. John, Nashua
John Swope, Concord
Donna Loranger, Salem
David Tencza, Nashua
Sheila Vargas, Concord

These new endorsements join other previous endorsements announced earlier in the year, seen below.

Exploratory Committee: Current & Former Elected and Party Officials

Governor John Lynch, Hopkinton
Dr. Susan Lynch, Hopkinton
2018 Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee & Senator Molly Kelly, Harrisville
2016 Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee & Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern, Concord
Senator Lou D’Allesandro, Manchester
Kathy Sullivan, Former NHDP Chair, Manchester

Joe Keefe, Former NHDP Chair, Rye
Mayor Jo Brown, Franklin
Mayor Bob Carrier, Dover
Mayor Paul Grenier, Berlin
Mayor Tim McNamara, Lebanon
Former Mayor Jack Blalock, Portsmouth
Former Mayor Charlene Lovett, Claremont
Former Mayor Caroline McCarley, Rochester
Former Senator & Alderman Kevin Cavanaugh, Manchester

Former Senator Martha Fuller Clark, Portsmouth
Former Senator Peg Gilmour, Hollis
Former Senator Bette Lasky, Nashua
Rep. Susan Almy, Lebanon
Rep. Patty Cornell, Manchester
Rep. and Alderwoman Mary Heath, Manchester
Rep. and Alderman Pat Long, Manchester
Rep. Mark Mackenzie, Manchester
Rep. Latha Mangipudi, Nashua
Former Rep. Hon. Jackie Weatherspoon, Exeter
Alderwoman Erin George-Kelly, Manchester
School Board Member Jason Bonilla, Manchester
School Board Member Sarah DeMartino, Madison
School Board Member Sean Parr, Manchester

Exploratory Committee: Labor Leaders

Glenn Brackett, Northwood 
Joe Casey, Rochester
Sue Hannon, Derry
Kim Hokanson, Nashua
John MacNeil, Bedford
Larry Moquin, Bow
Brian Murphy, Walpole
Jeff Padellaro, Plaistow
Dave Pelletier, Dunbarton
Ryan Richman, Manchester
Don Trementozzi, Epping

Exploratory Committee: Business & Community Leaders      

Gary Hirshberg, Holderness
Dr. Paul LeBlanc, Manchester
Sandra Almonte, Manchester
Howard Brodsky, Manchester
Joan Brodsky, Manchester
Suraj Budathoki, Manchester
Rafael Calderon, Manchester
Dan Calegari, Manchester
Gray Chynoweth, Manchester
Scott Cloutier, Manchester
Larry Drake, Portsmouth
Pat Findlen, Manchester
Judge Arthur Gajarsa, Holderness
Arthur Gatzoulis, Manchester
Dr. Wayne Goldner, Bedford
Laura Goldner, Bedford
Steve Grill, Center Harbor
Madalasa Gurung, Hooksett
Rifet Ibisvic, Manchester
Joan Jacobs, Portsmouth
Chloé Lacasse, Concord
Dr. Elliot Lasky, Nashua
Dung Le, Manchester
Michael Lewis, Concord
Dr. Salman Malik, Londonderry
Krishna Mangipudi, Nashua
Deo Mwano, Manchester
Letizia Ortiz, Bedford
Eyup Sener, Nashua
David Steelman, Manchester
Virginia Theo-Steelman, Manchester
Kari Thurman, Manchester
Alejandro Urrutia, Hudson


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