Court docs: Pet rabbit owner was target of animal cruelty and abuse by boyfriend

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MANCHESTER,  NH – The girlfriend of a man accused of leaving severed rabbit heads on her car said he has a history of abusing animals and liked to crush rodents with his hands “because he wanted to see them die,” according to court documents.


Estevan Hincapie, 24, whose address on court documents is listed as Hayward Street, turned himself into police on Wednesday.  He is charged with three counts of criminal threatening and two counts of animal cruelty.

The alleged incident took place on Dec. 29, 2020 at a Hayward Street address.  On Dec. 30, 2020, the girlfriend filed for an Order of Protection from the Court in 9th Circuit – Family Division – Manchester. That order was dismissed four weeks later by mutual agreement.

In it, she said Hincapie had both physically and verbally abused her in the past two years.  After being abusive, she said he cries and says he’s sorry but then accuses her of cheating on him.  Last November, she said he threatened to hurt himself and she called police.  Officers found him with a gun and arrested him.

At one point, she moved out and got her own place to get away from him.  However, she said he manipulated her into letting him stay with her because he said he didn’t have anywhere to go.  

Later, when she told him to leave, she and her friends began receiving threatening messages from various fake numbers.

While police said the incident happened on Dec. 29, the woman in her petition said it was on Dec. 28 that she received a threatening message saying, “cunt bitch I left a gift for you on your car.” She found a rabbit head on the windshield and another one on a door handle.  

She maintained the act was deliberate because she has two pet rabbits.

The woman said she was afraid for her safety and asked the court for protection. Judge Susan B. Carbon issued a temporary Order of Protection the same day.

However, on Jan. 26, 2021, both parties appeared were on a telephonic hearing and the order was dismissed by agreement of both of them. The order was signed by Judge Erin B. McIntyre.

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