Cory Booker will stand up for Reproductive Rights

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When Republicans push harmful restrictions to accessible, safe, and affordable reproductive health care, women in New Hampshire and across the country suffer.

I know because I’ve had countless friends and classmates who have and continue to struggle, even in a pro-choice state like New Hampshire.

When I read about the recent GOP attacks on choice, I think back my junior year of high school, when I walked my friend to the nurse’s office as she sobbed, afraid of how she’d scrape the money together for an abortion if she was pregnant.

Senator Booker speaks at a GOTV event last fall. Courtesy Photo

As a Democratic primary voter here in the Granite State, I value candidates who recognize that our right to reproductive health care is fundamental to our livelihood, our economic security, and our happiness. The ability to make independent choices about our own bodies is paramount.

That’s why I’m proud to work for and support Sen. Cory Booker as he runs for president. He is a longtime advocate for choice who recently released an ambitious reproductive justice policy that would create a White House Office for Reproductive Justice, overturn the domestic and global gag rules, expand Title X programs, and guarantee access to employer-covered contraceptive care.

Our ability to control our bodies should not depend on our bank accounts or our home address. We need a president who will push for expanded access to reproductive health care here in New Hampshire and across our country. That person is Cory Booker.

Angie Garozzo